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Our Business Management Software Is: Affordable Easy to Use Customized for you by Spud Reliable Built and supported in Michigan

PACManager is the ultimate business management software for tracking and managing your business.  Sales efforts are more effective, quoting is quicker, jobs get done faster and scheduling resources is easier, plus so much more!

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Hundreds of companies have chosen to work with Spud

For more than 25 years Spud Software has helped hundreds of small businesses all across Michigan and the US better operate their business by way of consulting and custom built workflow systems.

Spud Software's business management software PACManager is designed specifically for small businesses that are growing and want insight in all areas of their business in real time.

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The single source of truth for your entire business

Gain complete company-wide visibility into your business with just one system so you can stop worrying about having to install, learn, and continually upgrade multiple systems and instead focus on your business.

PACManagers Features

All of PAC's features are designed in a way that allows us to tailor them for you in the fraction of the time it would take compared to a custom software solution created from scratch. This thoroughly tested code base plus our roll out process for customizing PAC gets you up and running quickly.

Sales Tracking

From follow ups to effort to commissions, PAC tracks it. The sales meeting report has saved companies a ton of money in time and unnecessary effort.

Quote Builder

Create quotes quickly and Easily with PACManagers Quote Builder Module.

Time Tracking

PAC can track the time against projects for cost analysis and / or for payroll process and holiday / vacation time tracking.

Inventory Tracking

PAC includes an inventory tracking module that has min / max and reorder notifications.

Project Tracking

Tracking projects from the day it was sold, to the delivery and on going support, PAC helps get it done on time and knows the effort, cost and profit.


Keeps prospects, clients, vendors and users of PACManager organized, tracks activity and provides powerful reports.

If integrations are needed we can make it happen

There are times proprietary systems are needed within a business, and Spud has integrated with hundreds of them which makes PAC reports and tracking all the more powerful

  • Quickbooks
  • HubSpot
  • Sage
  • Authorize.Net
  • Intercom
  • Survey Monkey
  • Calendly
  • Google Calender
  • Excel
  • Salesforce
  • Mail Chimp
  • Stripe
  • Jobber
  • Trello
  • Gmail
  • Slack
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Unlimited Users for one flat month fee

We don’t believe in charging per user and that you should have to pay more to simply have more users using your system . We want everyone using PACManager in your business . That is why our our flat month fee includes the following:

  • Dedicated database and code set: customization is unlimited and other clients updates won’t affect your version of PAC.
  • 160 usable hours at sign up: when you sign up for PAC you will get 160 hours which can be used for customization of reports, coding, data clean up, training and documentation.
  • You own Dedicated URL: When you sign up for PACManager you will get your very own CompanyName.PACManager.com URL.
  • Regular security scans and code patching: With regular security scans and patching you can be sure your version of PAC is secure and will work on all the latest devices and browsers.

Let us do the heavy lifting

The goal of utilizing PACManagers modules is to make like easier, not be disruptive. That is why Spud will meet with your team, document what needs to be done, offer suggestions on process improvement, customize your PACManager module to fit your business.

The Spud Implementation Team is well trained and experts in processes, software, data collection and reporting. Your assigned implementer is your go to person and dedicated to the success of implementing and customizing your PACManager module into your business and be there for any ongoing support needs.

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