We Solve data, reporting and workflow headaches with custom software

Since 1997 Spud has worked with hundreds of businesses and
written software that has been utilized in all 50 states. 

Businesses that have benefited from Custom Software developed by spud

Spud is for companies that are growing and looking for a partner that will always be there to handle all the development, analysis, support and implementation effort that it takes to properly support the software and users that are so critical in the success of their business.

Our process

Here at Spud Software when it comes to software design, we utilize the agile methodology, meaning, “a method of project management that is characterized by the division of tasks into short phases of work.” Many companies utilize this agile methodology, but usually fall short because they either do not have the processes or team to make sure it happens as defined.

This is where Spud’s methodology and proprietary processes come in to make sure every project succeeds.

Make no mistake, the Define Phase is the most important part of our process. We learn about your business goals and objectives.  After that, we can get to work and make it happen for you. 

Requirements engineering is a multi-faceted process, driven by a close analysis of your business and its systems.  We come up with the formula to ensure your project’s success well into the future.

Where expertise, creativity and great communication meet.  Once we have the big picture, understanding and key requirements, we work on the design of your project including the deployment road map.  We design your project to meet your user requirements, timing and budget.

As it makes sense, we create flowcharts, wireframes and documentation explaining the specifics of each release for your project.

We roll up our sleeves and get the job done. Imagine talking to the person on the assembly line building your car, and asking him to make a little change “here” and a little tweak “there.” We implement this into the development process at Spud. Moreover, we continue to keep you involved in the process, ensuring your satisfaction with the end product. 

We communicate with you as things progress. Our founder Derek Sommer says, “I’ve never had a client call me and say, ‘Stop telling me what is happening with my project!’ Constant communication is key to success”

Next we deploy to production. It might be just a single release or the entire project. Either way, we make sure that everyone involved understands what is going on, what is expected of them and, if there is training required, we can handle that as well. We don’t stop here. Even if this was the final release, we acknowledge that additional support may be needed. We begin work on any updates or changes now ready for development. The point is, Spud is always there for our clients.


It’s no surprise that business owners have to make many decisions each and every day. What is surprising is how often business owners find themselves in a pinch because they lack the up-to-date reports and data that they need to keep their company running smoothly.

At Spud, we’ve made it our mission to assist businesses with everyday decision making. We make sure each and every business owner has the most accurate data at their fingertips so they grown their business by focusing on their vision instead of getting stuck in the day to day minutia. 

additional services

Project Scoping
If you know your idea is strong, but you are not sure what it will cost, how long it will take to develop, or what the end product will work and look like, project scoping is how you get your answers. First, we define what you want to accomplish. Then, we design a blueprint. After we complete these two phases, and your project has a foundation, you will have a clear understanding of what you will need to budget.  You will also have a design that you can vet out, hold on to and take to any software developer to complete, if you choose.

Prior to going all in you may want to create a “working” prototype. Whether pitching it to upper management, investors, to presenting it at a trade show, Spud has created all kinds of prototypes to mimic the final product. Clients use software prototyping to test the market, get management to buy in or investors. This can be used to present at an event, to investors or to get the results from a focus group. The prototypes can be as scaled back or full featured as needed for your situation.

Call Center Support
Customer support is our focus. Give us a call and talk with our support team. They will not only help with how to use the software, but also know and be able to explain why the software works the way it does. Our support team sits in the same room as all the developers and there isn’t any question about your software they can’t figure out. If you have process improvement suggestions they will take those down as well and compile a monthly report of suggestions / recommendations to review with management.

We help companies document and optimize processes.  Just about everything within business revolves around data and software.  Our business consultants have the business knowledge, software and analytic expertise to help improve your business.

about spud, the team and culture

Spud started in 1997 with the vision to create workflow software for small businesses.  Software languages, operating systems and devices have changed significantly in the last 23+ years and Spud has grown with these changes, but always keeping the vision of helping small businesses grow and our core values the same.  

Our team of developers, project managers, user experience designers and business process consultants all share these core values.
Honesty – It is critical that share our views and experience with clients even if it isn’t in the best interest of Spud or it isn’t something the client wants to hear.
Passionate – Our clients are our partners in business.  We are an extension of their team so we need to strive to make them as successful as possible.
Dedicated – Our clients are depending on Spud and we need make sure we are there for them and looking out for their best interests at all times.
Resourceful – We need to look at all options to a problem we are solving and remember that the most obvious isn’t always the best solution for the long run.

The culture at Spud is very unique and anyone that has seen our office would appreciate the openess, tranparency within the business and the long lasting friendships that evolve within our four walls.  At the same time, everyone puts in 100% into their work and when off the clock everyone enjoys some social time whether it is playing games, having a cocktail or helping the community around us.