Our Choice For Hiring Digital Talent


From time to time, we like to move the spotlight from ourselves to other companies that deserve the recognition. One company that has a large hand in helping Spud become what it is today is Brightwing. As a recruiting and staffing company based in Troy, MI, Brightwing has been an integral part of Spud’s operation, having provided many qualified employees for our company since 2008. 

“Brightwing has a knack for finding exactly what we are looking for,” Spud president Derek Sommer said. “We have many positions that are very unique in qualifications, so it’s a challenge to find the right person for the job.”

Brightwing focuses on hiring developers, business analysts and project managers for Spud Software. The employees typically start out as contract employees for Brightwing but work on various projects for Spud. Many of these employees eventually work their way into a position with Spud.

“Spud has a very unique environment and we pride ourselves on finding the right employees for the right position.” Brightwing Marketing Director April Jennings said. “Our understanding of their unique environment I think is what has made this [partnership] work for so long.”

Another project that Brightwing has partnered with Spud on is the Grand Blanc .NET User Group, a group that is dedicated to attracting developers in the Grand Blanc area. 

The group meets the second Thursday of every month – now at Spud’s new office – and has been growing steadily for 5 months. Jennings said the group has grown organically to 148 since its inception. 

“Brightwing has been great in finding good speakers for every event and hosting great meetings,” Sommer said. “They’ve really been a big part of what we do and why we are able to accomplish so much.”

To learn more about Brightwing, you can visit their website here.