Spud Helps Local Developers Learn

Spud Helps Local Developers Learn

Another Successful .NET User Group   

This past week, we held our monthly .NET Meetup at Spud, where we hosted 34 guests in our Grand Blanc facility for the evening. Food and drink were provided by sponsors, Spud and Brightwing. 

Our own Nathan Brady and Jeremy Smith shared presentations on Game Building (Unity) and Model-view-viewmodel (MVVM). 

Since we love to mingle work and fun, Nathan Brady, Director of Product Development, spoke about Unity, a popular game engine for building games across multiple platforms.  Over half of the top-grossing 3D mobile games on the market today were made with Unity. 

Nathan covered basic game concepts such as meshes, bones, transformation matrices and rigid body physics.  The session was designed as an introduction for programmers wanting to explore game development and was especially timely as it coincided with “Unity Week” at a software publishing company that gave away free downloads of Unity related ebooks.

And while the topic might seem a little dry to non-techies, Jeremy Smith, Senior Developer, provided valuable information for developers on MVVM. MVVM facilitates separating the graphical user interface from the development of the back-end logic. The view model of MVVM is responsible for exposing the data objects so they are easily managed and presented. The developers present found the discussion very informative.

The presentations were highly engaging and the participants held meaningful discussions throughout the night.
Our Meetup group gets together at Spud about once a month to help grow the collective knowledge of professionals around new programming and IT techniques. We encourage you to visit the website here to learn more.