3Sixty Interactive To Handle Spud Marketing

3Sixty Interactive

Spud Software began in 1997 as a small group of programmers interested in making customized software solutions. They worked in the basement of President Derek Sommer, creating quality solutions that soon caught the attention of large companies such as General Motors and MSX International. This little group quickly gained a reputation not only for producing great work, but also for the way they handled their clients. 

Spud Software is about finding solutions to help businesses grow. Our mission is to grow with our clients. To accomplish this we create partnerships with them, to form long lasting business relationships. Word of our passionate and innovative team spread, giving us the opportunity to work with over 200 clients ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. Our continued efforts even earned us the honor of being named one of Michigan’s Top 50 Companies to watch in 2015!

Due to our work ethic, we have been fortunate enough to experience a huge amount of growth. In fact, we have grown so much that we even outgrew our current building and will be moving into a larger, newly constructed office by the end of June. The building will comfortably house our 57 employees with enough extra space to accommodate continued expansion. Our goal is to eventually outgrow this building as well!

In order to continue expanding and keep the focus on our clients, Spud Software has hired 3Sixty Interactive to handle all marketing efforts. We have worked with 3Sixty Interactive for nearly two years, however our relationship will be expanding. The marketing firm will now take care of both online and offline marketing material ensuring that Spud Software remains current and that our stakeholders are well informed. “We are excited by the opportunity to work on Spud Software’s new marketing needs” says 3Sixty Interactive’s Partner, Dean Keipert. 

Derek Sommer, President of Spud Software, is thrilled by what the hiring decision means for business. “The company is still growing so it will be great to have 3Sixty Interactive there to take care of marketing so we can focus on our clients. We are also looking forward to continue working with a company that shares the Spud Software philosophy.”