Five Things to Do After Labor Day

Labor Day

Summer isn’t over yet!
School bells are ringing. The sun is setting earlier each day. Temperatures are slowly starting to drop. Summer is making its final bows, and it’s almost time to say goodbye to the carefree fun of the warmer months. But summer isn’t over just yet. So we’ve put together this list of five things to do before fall is in full bloom.

1.  Go for one last swim.
We still have a few warm days on the horizon, so before you close down the pool for the season, hop in! In December, you’ll be glad you did. 

2. Dine outside.
Soon we’ll be bundled up in mittens and hats and wishing for the days of outdoor dining, so stop by your favorite restaurant and eat out on the patio. The cooler weather is perfect for some al fresco dining.

3. Play another round of golf.
The Spud Software gang took this advice to heart last weekend and hit the greens for an afternoon of fun for a good cause.  Spud Software sponsored the event for the GCPA and participated in the 4-person golf scramble.

Labor Day

4. Indulge in a cool treat.
It’s possible to get ice cream even in the coldest winter months, but there’s nothing quite like visiting your local ice cream shop and savoring your favorite hand-dipped flavor in a waffle cone.

5. Stock up on office supplies.
With kids going back to school there are some great deals out there on office supplies.  Stock up on pens, paper, highlighters and more before the deals end.

Did we miss your favorite way to end the summer?  Visit us on social media and let us know.  As you say goodbye to summer, pull out the sweaters and get started on your fall bucket list.  And keep Spud Software in mind as you snap back into business mode and start planning the projects you want to get done before the year is over.


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