Street Bidder Launch a True Success

Entrepreneur Josh Latimer opened his own window and pressure cleaning business more than 10 years ago. Today, Latimer doesn’t have a problem getting customers, but this wasn’t always the case. When he first started out, one of his biggest struggles was getting the phone to ring. To address this challenge, Latimer started thinking of different ways to spread the word about his services.  

In the summer of 2012, Latimer had an epiphany and began to experiment with sending personalized postcards to his customers. On one side of the postcard were pictures of an individual customer’s home, on the other side were prices for services. The strategy worked in getting more attention for his company, but was the postcard creation process was time consuming. Latimer knew there had to be an easier way, and soon came up with an idea for a mobile app called Street Bidder. 

Street Bidder provided a way for Latimer to create numerous postcards at a time and also share this strategy with other service-based small businesses. Latimer needed a dependable software company to handle the development side of Street Bidder, so got in touch with Spud Software. Spud was eager to be a part of the project after hearing about Latimer’s personal success with the postcards and set to work developing a mobile app. The mobile app simplified the entire postcard building and sending process, allowing any user to take a picture of a client’s home and send it out automatically within a matter of seconds. The user can also use the application to build databases of different neighborhoods and reach thousands of customers at a time. 

Street Bidder had its official launch in early August, and has already proven to be a huge success. Brian Crasper of JLC Services in Massachusetts reportedly made $6000 using the Street Bidder application, saying, “I could not be more convinced that this is the best marketing you can get for the money.”  Derrek Smallwood, owner of a small house cleaning business in Arkansas is another fan of Street Bidder, stating, “I have received so many calls from people complimenting the cards they received from us in the mail. I have even had some negative calls that later translated to a sale… [Street Bidder provides] a personalized touch that gets the customer’s attention and returns us high amounts of calls. It ABSOLUTELY works and we love it here at Squeaky Kleen!”  

To all small business owners out there, Latimer has a message: Try it out today before the competition does! A paid and free version are available by, or by visiting the Apple app or Google Play stores and searching for Street Bidder.