Moving Up and Staying in Business, Against the Odds

According to an article in Forbes Magazine, only one in four small businesses survive 15 year or longer. Reading that article was a huge gratitude moment.  My company, Spud Software, has been in business for 17 years.  Not only that, just a week ago, I was sitting at a lunch with the Spud team where our founder announced that we were moving into a brand new headquarters. This 9,500 square foot building is going up in the empty lot right next door to our current home office. 

The new building will be amazing, modern inside and out with an open floor plan. Our work spaces will be mobile, so we can easily re-group with the teammates with whom we are collaborating on different projects.  There will even be a chef, who will make lunch and dinner- sometimes we keep late hours around here. 

Beautiful?  Yes? More comfortable?  Definitely.  But, that is not why our owner, Derek Sommer, decided to build. The truth is we need the space.  Spud has the great fortune of expanding. Our company has seen hard times. When the automotive industry took a hit, we did too.  We had to explore new opportunities if we were going to make it.  That has been our mission ever since- keep looking to the future, for what we can do next, so that we can keep expanding.  

I am excited to move in to our new digs. Who wouldn’t be? If all goes as planned, we will be in the new building sometime between late May and late June.  But, what is more exciting is what Spud’s growth means for the community.  Our success is contingent on our clients’ success. The great thing is we help each other expand.  That is really just the beginning, as we grow and bring more jobs into the mix; we are able to do that much more to help our community succeed. 

According to the Small Business Administration, a small business is one that employs less than 500 people.  Spud has 50 employees as I write this. It is likely we will stay “small” and hopefully continue to defy odds and possibly inspire others to aim for the same. 

One thing that won’t change much is our address. The new building will being constructed on the empty lot located next to the current Spud headquarters in Grand Blanc, MI.