Is your information safe?

Is Your Information Safe

Encryption has one specific purpose, to prevent third parties from stealing sensitive data. It is there to protect you and your customers, if you are in business. Data Encryption protects your data in storage, and keeps unauthorized users from reading it. This is basically how it works.  Encryption software executes an algorithm that encrypts data so that it is not readable unless you have the key.  

While encryption should be standard on any software package, if your software is more than a couple of years old, there is a chance it may not be encrypted.  Some people confuse encryption with an SSL certificate. They are not the same thing. An SSL Certificate encrypts information in transit from an application to the end user. 

How can you be sure your data is fully protected? You can always have an IT security professional check it out.  If you discover your software is not encrypted, don’t panic. It does not mean your data has been compromised, but it does mean it is vulnerable to a cyber-attack. 

If you are not fully encrypted, you may need updates to software. With cyber-attacks becoming far more prevalent, the smart move is to take steps before your data is compromised. Updating your software is a much less intense headache than managing compromised data, especially if it belongs to the customers who trust you with it. 

If you have questions about encryption, contact us. We may be able to help.