Teaming Up For a Pink Cause

The Pink Fund

Last month, while they were at a networking event, two members of the Spud Team met the founders of The Pink Fund.  We had never heard of the organization before, but it did not take long for us to understand just how important the non-profit’s work really is. 

The Pink Fund helps women diagnosed with breast cancer, who are unable to work, get access to financial aid. The last thing anyone battling cancer should have to worry about is money; sadly, that is the reality for thousands of people. 

The Pink Fund already has a website, but they came to Spud in need of a web application that would accomplish two key goals: 

1- Make the application process, which includes the up-loading of multiple documents, a more stream-lined, user-friendly experience for their clients.
2- Make the entire process efficient for everyone from the client, to the dedicated Pink Fund staff, who sift through a huge number of documents to get clients processed.

The Spud Team is certainly up to the challenge. The project is in the works, and we could not be happier to be part of this  important mission.  We were also able to donate most of the development cost of this project to the Pink Fund
We cannot wait to see how this new app improves the process for everyone involved.