Visible Builder: A Big Idea That Keeps Growing

Visible Builder

Any successful enterprise begins with goals. When Dennis Schaefer started a web-based program called “Visible Builder”, he set one year goals.  Dennis never imagined he would double those goals by the end of his first year, but that is exactly what he is doing. In fact, Dennis achieved those first year goals in the Visible Builder’s first eight months. 

What makes Dennis’s success story even better is that the driving motivation behind “Visible Builder” has always been to help other small businesses grow and thrive.  Dennis first came up with the idea for Visible Builder when he attended a trade show for residential construction companies.  Smaller builders in attendance shared the same frustration:  They were having trouble competing for customers with larger companies.  One key area that seemed to be affecting most of them was social media. Large companies had the resources, staff and know-how to manage social marketing campaigns. Many smaller operators had only a nodding acquaintance with facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or other social media platforms.  

Being a licensed builder in the state of Michigan for more than 34 years, Schaefer understood the pain of his peers, and decided to do something about it. After jotting down a lot of notes, Schaefer brought his idea to Spud Software’s developers, and the Visible Builder was born. 

Visible Builder is a web-based program that maintains various social media profiles and handles daily posts for construction professionals. Builders submit photos and news about their business once a month, then Visible Builder posts the content to social networks twice a week. Visible builder also provides reputation monitoring and search assistance, and collects customer testimonials. 

Dennis says, “The initial reaction has been even better than expected…Everyone loves the concept and the program’s simplicity.” Everyone also loves a good success story; and the Visible Builder is the best kind, because Dennis shares his success with his clients. 

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