October Meetup: Encryption and Data Security

October Meetup: Encryption and Data Security
  • Data security is important to everyone in our industry.

    Recent events in cyber-space have proven once again how important internet security is.  Whether you are a large corporation collecting data from millions of users or a small company that relies on data to drive your systems, data security is vital to your organization.  And you need to be able to trust that the programmers building and maintaining your systems are doing everything possible to protect your investments.

    That’s why our October Meetup focused on encryption and data security.  Wayne Bailey, a Microsoft Certified SQL Administrator and Developer/Project Manager at Spud Software for 9 years, illuminated potential risks and flaws in encryption methods as well as best practices and new technologies for protecting user data.
    Included in his presentation were:
  • Hashing and breaking a hash
  • Ways to crack encryption, including flaws in encryption methods, brute force, TEMPEST and Side Channel attacks.
  • What is “Perfect Encryption” (One Time Pad)
  • Salts
  • Key Stretching

As always, Spud Software is excited about not only helping local developers learn and grow their skills, but providing our community with quality programming resources. Training sessions such as this latest meetup benefit developers and businesses alike as these programmers can take what they’ve learned to improve data security in their software solutions.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

We couldn’t let October go by without recognizing Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  So many of our lives have been touched by breast cancer, and whether you’re buying pizza in a pink box, joining an awareness walk or making those weekly trips to the doctor, we want to acknowledge the survivors, the families and those who participate in giving to see an end to breast cancer.

There are many great organizations raising money to help find a cure.  Please consider giving or being a part of fund raising for this important cause.  If you’d like to donate, we encourage you to consider The Pink Fund. The Pink Fund has been formed to help breast cancer patients focus on healing, raising their families, and returning to the workplace. The Pink Fund will provide short term financial aid for a brief period of treatment and recovery.  Learn more…