Evolution Of Mobile Apps

Creating mobile maps is a big piece of our operation. One of the biggest challenges we encounter is keeping up with the curve — what’s new or what’s trending? Mobile apps, and mobile in general, for this matter, are constantly changing. 

Therefore we diligently put in the time and effort to research what is happening in the mobile market in order to provide our clients with the most up-to-date mobile apps. During our research, we’ve come across some new things, and here are a few we expect to see with the evolution of mobile apps throughout 2015. 

Apps Will Become Non-Permanent

In the past, when mobile apps were developed, that particular app was viewed as a long-term investment. But the mobile app landscape is changing, and businesses are now seeing the benefit of short-term mobile apps. Maybe you’ve got a big savings event coming up for the holidays and want to develop a mobile app just for this event. This is something we predict to see more often as mobile apps become a bigger part of the marketing  picture.

Marketing Purposes

Now that businesses no longer look at mobile apps as a permanent tool, you should start seeing mobile apps geared more towards marketing purposes. Businesses are salivating at the idea of marketing to people’s phones because smartphones have basically become another appendage. Mix that with quick, easy-to-use apps and you’ve got a perfect recipe for marketing madness.

Keep an Eye on Indoor Location Services

This is a big one that we are seeing gain some steam. Imagine walking into a large mall, opening up that mall’s mobile app and having access to maps, information and more. That’s exactly what we are seeing with mobile apps in 2015. You can also expect to walk into a store and find store information, including sales, top items, etc. And it won’t be limited to just retail. Industry apps may hit the ground running as well. For larger corporate buildings, you may see apps that help point you to meeting rooms, exits, lobbies and more. 

So those are 3 things we see in the mobile app forecast for 2015. Mobile is continuing to take strides every year, so be sure to keep an eye out for what’s coming next!