All Brands To You Spotlight

All Brands To You

With all the various projects we have going on here at Spud, we like to occasionally spotlight one of those projects. This week we are focusing on All Brands To You, an online store specializing in pet items, treats and supplies, dollar items and many name brand grocery items. All Brands To You began as a pet supplies store, but expanded to offer more to the public.

What is Spud doing for All Brands To You?

All Brands To You recently partnered with Bonvera, an online service that provides products and services that are delivered to the front doors of customers across America. When customers visit Bonvera’s website, they can login and access the All Brands To You website. When customers make a purchase from All Brands To You, they are given credit to use on Bonvera’s website.

The challenge for All Brands To You owner Matt Ovadek was integrating his website with Bonvera’s website. This is where we came into play.

“We needed to take the All Brands To You eCommerce store and build functionality to allow it to contact the Bonvera system to send over the points that are being earned for customers,” said Spud project manager Wayne Bailey.

We were also in charge of importing all of the products, setting up the new site with new rebranding and integrating it with Bonvera.

How did All Brands To You Connect With Bonvera?

Prior to running All Brands To You, Ovadek ran an online pet store called Wholesale Pet Treats for 8 years. Bonvera contacted Ovadek asking to provide his pet supplies and treats to Bonvera’s customers.

“That’s when we converted the Whole Pets Treats site over to Bonvera,” said Ovadek. “As we were going, they saw that I had connections to merchandise, so we started to add the grocery and dollar items.”

Community Support

In addition to his eCommerce operation, Ovadek is also a huge supporter of local organizations. He has been instrumental in the growth of Lucky Day Animal Rescue in Grand Blanc, MI, providing significant financial support as well as supplies.

The All Brands To You website launched on March 7 and is open to those who have an account with Bonvera. Check it out today for all of your pet and grocery needs.