A Nice Night for a Polar Plunge

Polar Plunge

Losing a challenge has never been so fun!

After days of 60° temperatures the weather appeared to take a downward turn with rain and chilly winds on Friday, setting the stage for a frigid Polar Plunge. It seemed Mother Nature wasn’t going to let our contestants off easy as they gathered around the pool set up in Spud Software’s parking lot. But to our relief, as evening fell, the temperatures rose and we were greeted with another 60° night to make the frosty undertaking just a little more pleasant for participants and spectators alike.

Warm and dry and having fun before the main event.

Of the nineteen people who participated in the Winter Weigh Off challenge, only four met their weight goals. The other fifteen were left facing the freezing waters, with some determined to make the most of their predicament.

One contestant made a plea for help on Facebook. “Do any of you fine local friends have a shark costume I could jump into a pool with this Friday? I very much lost the work challenge and would like to make the best of it.”

Polar Plunge
A crowd gathers in the Spud parking lot to watch the Plunge.

Others admitted that they never had any intention of reaching their goal and actually planned on taking the plunge from the very beginning. Such was the case with one of our clients, Mike Bleau from Industry Scope. He suited up in a bright green Spud Software shirt and took the plunge for the second year in a row.

To add an extra flair to this year’s event, our staff set up a zip-line for those brave enough to not only jump into a pool of freezing cold water, but to fly across the parking lot to do so. Our owner, Derek Sommer, was the first on the zip-line and the first to take the plunge.

Polar Plunge
Max Sommer follows his father's lead and zip-lines into the pool.

While we missed our overall weight loss goal of 230 pounds, our team did lose 134.5 pounds to drop our group weight from 3611 to 3476.5 pounds. And many of those who participated in the polar plunge would have done so whether they lost the weight or not. (We hear a few non-competitors even jumped in the pool.)

Polar Plunge
The rest of the crew prepares to take the plunge from the bed of a truck.

Overall, we think the Winter Weigh Off and the Polar Plunge were a great success. If you’re sad that you missed this year’s event, don’t worry, there’s always next year. We’ll make room in the pool for you!