The Benefits of Microsoft Azure

Fast, reliable cloud computing that’s now going local.

Yesterday Microsoft announced that their private cloud platform, Azure Stack, is ready for its first customers. Previously available only as public infrastructure and platform services (IaaS and PaaS), Azure Stack will allow companies to utilize its services in their corporate data centers, thus providing a single platform for both public and private clouds.

Whether you’ve been considering switching to Azure for some time, or this is the first time you’ve heard of this service, we’ve assembled a list of some of the benefits to help you understand why switching to Azure may be the solution your company is looking for.

Azure is Fast
We all know that speed of service is important in today’s business world. Azure recognizes this as well and has provided a solution that is simply fast. It provides significant advantages in its speed of deployment, operation and scalability.

Reliability is Key
Azure services are provided from cloud data centers with multiple built-in redundancies, meaning if one server crashes, your applications will automatically run on another server in the data center. That means your risk of down time is almost eliminated.

Disaster Recovery Capabilities
Along with service reliability, it’s important to know that your data is protected in case of a disaster scenario. Azure has you covered. With fail-over options, hot and cold standby modes and rolling reboot capabilities, Azure provides you peace of mind in knowing that your data is safe with a variety of cloud backup and storage solutions.

Upgrading is Easy
With Azure you’ll find support for a variety of programming languages, tools, frameworks, databases and devices, whether you’re working on Microsoft specific applications or custom developed software. So integrating new web applications or upgrades is easier than on other cloud computing systems.

A Scalable Solution
Because growing your company often means growing your application infrastructure, Azure is an ideal solution. As a pay-as-you-go service, Azure only charges you for the amount of space you use, so it’s easy to add users or storage without adding cost for maximum space you may never utlize.

A Global Reach
Many of our clients work in the international marketplace, requiring data centers that run globally. As Azure is available in 34 regions across the world, users are provided with a great experience regardless of their location.

Trustworthy Compliance
If you’re in an industry that deals with sensitive information and requires you to meet specific server compliance mandates, you can rely on Azure to have you covered. Azure is certified compliant in a variety of industries, including ISO/IEC, HIPAA, CSA/CCM and more. Learn more about their compliance services here.

Flexible Deployment
With the launch of Azure Stack, you can deploy locally as well as in the cloud. This simplifies hybrid deployment procedures and also provides the benefits of Azure to those companies who choose not to move their data to the public cloud. Azure Stack can be used to maintain data centers where connectivity isn’t guaranteed and to run the day-to-day operations of companies that may require more secure internal environments.

There are clearly a number of benefits to using Microsoft Azure for your company’s computing needs – not the least of which is the cost savings. Azure’s pay-as-you-go solution means you only pay for the services you use, and that applies to their public cloud solution and the Azure Stack model. So if you’re looking to move your company to the cloud, or you’re looking for a more reliable and cost effective solution for your private data center, Azure may be the solution for you. As a Microsoft Certified Partner, Spud Software can help you develop the right plan to utilize and deploy on Microsoft Azure. Just give us a call and let us help you make the move.