Give Yourself the Gift of Functionality

Custom programming is a functional gift that you’ll actually use.

‘Tis the season for snowmen and Santa, cheerful music, decorations and indulging in too many sweets. There are lights and garland decking the halls and carols on just about every radio station. If you venture into the mall you’ll see it’s bustling with people carrying packages and stopping at the gift wrapping stations. But not every gift has to be wrapped. And some of the best gifts won’t even fit under a tree.

No, we’re not talking about a car. We’re talking about the gift of functionality – or more precisely, the gift of a custom software solution. Yes, we know that sounds like a very odd gift. But a custom software solution is a gift that keeps giving all year round. In fact, it’s many gifts wrapped in one package that you give to yourself every day without even realizing it. Let us explain.

Does your business have a process in place to handle the day-to-day functions that make you a success? Is it clearly defined so that new employees can step in and quickly learn and function within your operation stream? If not, custom software gives you the gift of process. It enables you to clearly define a step-by-step system that is tailored to how your business runs, and then ensures that your team knows and sticks to the process. This gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your processes are being followed and done right every time.

But what if a process changes? With off-the-shelf software, you’re stuck with the system as-is. But because a custom software solution is tailored to your business, your software is flexible enough to change and grow as your business grows. If you’ve found a new, better way of doing things, you can reach out to your developers and have that incorporated into your system, and for a lot less than buying a new boxed software solution that still won’t be a perfect fit.

What if you need to use multiple systems to run your business? If your business processes are dependent on a supplier’s software solution or third-party data, a custom software solution is the way to go. Having your own software solution developed allows you to connect to third-party data and incorporate it into your own system. Forget bouncing from one program to another to accomplish a single task. A custom software solution can save you from that daily headache.

And saving your employees from a frustrating process or cumbersome software that doesn’t quite do what they need will increase your employee satisfaction. Recent studies have shown that happy employees can be up to 20% more productive during their work day. If you look at that in terms of employee retention and profitability, it equals out to quite the gift for your employees and your business every year.

Not only are those happy employees more productive, but your workflow as a whole is more accurate. That means your daily, monthly, quarterly and yearly reports should reflect that accuracy. With a custom software solution, you can ensure that not only are your reports accurate, but that they’re reporting on the metrics that matter most to you. And you can do it in real time. This helps you determine the best choices and next steps for your company and drives you toward greater success.

As your business continues to grow and succeed, you may become more concerned with the security of your sensitive data. You should be. With the number of high profile security breaches that took place this year, more than ever companies are looking to ensure their systems are safe from cyber criminals. One of the benefits of custom software is that the majority of hacking attempts are the result of hackers exploiting known vulnerabilities in popular software solutions – meaning they’re less likely to take the time and effort to try to hack a customized system for just one business’ data.

Giving yourself the gift of custom software and all of the built-in functionality may be the very best gift you can give this holiday season. And if you’re still not convinced that the gift of custom software is right for you, give Spud Software a call. Let us show you how your business can profit from utilizing a solution that has been developed with you and your business processes in mind.