Month: October 2018

Dealing With Data Overload

Is too much data dragging you down?We live in a world of Big Data. Businesses are collecting a wealth of information on everything from daily transactions to customer preferences and detailed sales metrics. And while having a depth of usable data helps companies make smarter decisions and grow their business, it can also become increasingly …

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User Interface Disasters

Save your company from the potential disaster of a poorly designed software solution.By now you’ve probably heard about the alert that was sent to the inhabitants of Hawaii, erroneously warning them of an imminent ballistic missile attack. What you may not have heard is that this accidental warning that resulted in widespread panic happened because …

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Introducing PACManager: Process and Cost Manager

Spud Software releases PAC Manager, their customizable project and cost management system.Do your employees know what’s expected of them and what’s required to get the job done? Is your current workflow easy to use and understand? Do you have project management software that is customized to your company’s unique needs?If you answered “No” to any of the …

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