It’s Time to Ditch the Paper Trail

If you’re looking to grow your business, automation may be the key.

It’s been said that in order to grow you have to embrace change. For businesses, that can be a scary concept. Why change what has worked for the last decade (or two)? But if your business is looking to grow, change may be exactly what you need. And if your company is still running on paper processes or manual spreadsheets, automation may just be the key to your future success.

As software developers, we see the need for automation more than just about anything else. We recently had a company come to us with a variety of complex processes that they were managing manually with paper and spreadsheets. They wanted to grow their business by expanding into new markets, but their process was so labor intensive that they wouldn’t be able to handle the added demands on employees’ time unless something changed.

That’s where automation comes in. By automating processes, a company can save time as a system handles menial tasks, freeing up employees to focus on value-add processes and person-to-person interactions that drive the business forward. This makes the entire company more productive and profitable.

In addition to increased productivity, some of the lesser known but important benefits of automation are:

Clearly Defined Processes:
Before we ever begin development on a software solution, we meet with the key operators in a company to fully define their organization’s processes. This not only ensures that the software we develop works toward the company’s goals, it also provides employees with a clear road map for their day-to-day processes. Clearly defined processes provide employees with consistency and efficiency throughout their operations, and having documented processes built into your software solution makes on-boarding new employees easier as your organization grows.

Reducing Human Error:
So many of an employees daily tasks are repetitive and these repetitive tasks lend themselves to human error. By automating these processes, your company can reduce the risk of data entry errors and ensure that data is entered in the proper sequences within pre-defined parameters, and that required information is never missed.

Efficient Use of Time:
Ditching the paper trail in favor of automation not only reduces the possibility for human error, but it also makes your employees more efficient. Many of our clients have technicians working out in the field, carrying around paper forms that they fill out on site, then transfer to spreadsheets when they return to the office. What a waste of time! They’re doing the same data entry twice, meaning they have less time to focus on customer satisfaction. By automating their processes, they’re able to reduce the amount of data entry time required for each job, and increase the amount of time they spend focused on customers.

Improved Information Organization:
Consider all of those technicians who enter data into separate client spreadsheets, and the amount of time and energy required to maintain the information and make it accessible to other departments. When you automate your processes, all of your most important data is stored in a single location, making it not only easier to access specific information whenever necessary, but also ensuring that the data is current for all users. This helps your company not only save time, but improve overall accuracy.

Whether you’re thinking about automating your processes, or you’re ready to take the leap, Spud Software is here to partner with you. And if you want to learn more about how we’ve used automation to help our clients succeed, check out the case studies on our website.