Do You Know the Benefits of a Good UX Design?

Do you know the benefits of a good UX design?
Tech people throw around a lot of acronyms. We have HTML, CSS, .NET, SQL, C#, PHP – the list is like a mixed up bowl of alphabet soup. And for most people, these acronyms are as confusing as the code they represent. But there is one acronym you should be aware of, because it affects your business more than you realize.

UX design refers to the development of a system’s user experience. Whether yours is a software application, a mobile app or a website, it’s important to not only know how your users interact with your product, but to have an interface that is easy and intuitive for them to use.

While a nice looking design is important, UX design is about more than the aesthetics of your product. A good UX design will take into account what your users need and create a solution that enables them to complete their objectives in the easiest and quickest way possible.

Here are a few tips for creating a good user experience:

1. Make sure your pages load fast. We live in a world where people can get nearly anything they want at a mere touch of a button. They can order their lunch, post their latest status, or call a cab to pick them up. All this can be done in seconds, so when it takes 15 seconds for a single page to load on a website there is a good chance that the user will not have the patience to wait around for the website to load.

2. Have a clear pathway. Nothing is more frustrating than when you go to a website and find something cool and you want to show your friend this coming weekend, but when you go back to the website you can’t find it anymore because it’s buried behind drop downs that have drop downs that have links that take you to more drop downs. Having a clear pathway for a user to first get to what they want to see, and second, to be able to get back to that page if they want to see it again.

3. Good UX on the web and mobile. Today with more than 50% of website traffic coming from mobile devices, it is crucial to make sure that your users have a good experience on the computer and on a phone.

4. Good UX for internal users as well as customers. UX design is not only important for internal users, but for your customers as well. If you have a mobile or web app available to your customers, it’s vital to maximize your user’s experience. Studies have found that up to 90% of users have stopped using an app due to poor performance, while 86% of those users have deleted or uninstalled apps as a result of poor functionality or design.

5. Consistency is very important. A consistent interface increases productivity for existing employees and also makes it easier to train new employees.
Spud Software has spent over 20 years helping clients improve their UX design. The first two phases in any of our projects are dedicated to Define and Design. First we define the requirements of your system and then we design flow diagrams, wireframes and design spec documents to ensure that we maximize your processes and user experience. 

If you’re looking to improve your company’s productivity and your user’s overall experience, give us a call and see what a difference experience makes.