Inspiring the Next Generation: You Can Help Shape Great Minds

You can help shape great minds.
With an office full of “computer geeks”, it isn’t surprising that we love technology. So lately we’ve been sharing technological developments that range from fun, to world changing and are relevant to not only our business, but yours as well. Still, in the midst of exploring new technology, not only do we want to remember the great minds behind these advances, we also want to consider the young minds who may be the future of technology.
Spud Software is always eager to engage with local students who want to learn more about our industry. In fact, last week we welcomed two groups of Grand Blanc High School students to spend a few hours at Spud to learn from JoAnn Roth, of JJ Roth Design, about the graphic design and website development.

Dozens of students were treated to a tour of our facility, informative discussions about the real world of graphic design and website development complete with Q&A sessions, and some fun with our foosball, ping pong and pool tables. The soda flowed freely and the students had a blast.

Maybe your business isn’t equipped to handle a teenage invasion on that scale, but we believe it’s important for everyone to make an investment in our future through the inventors, entrepreneurs and decision makers who are rising up behind us. Here are a few suggestions for how you can get involved in shaping the great minds of tomorrow:

  • Go back to school:
    Maybe you don’t have the resources to host a group of teenagers at your office, but you can engage in meaningful teaching opportunities right in the classroom. Volunteer to talk to a business class, visit a career day or even get hands on with vocational education students.
  • Motivate through mentoring:
    Becoming a mentor benefits everyone. Not only are you helping a younger person through motivation, experience and interpersonal skills, but you may also see the benefits of a sense of achievement and personal satisfaction.
  • Let a student “shadow” you:
    Students benefit from hands-on learning, and one way to experience the real world is through shadowing an entrepreneur or employee for a day. Many area schools have programs in place for job shadowing. Just a couple of hours out of your day may ignite a passion in a student that they didn’t know they had.
  • Provide internship opportunities:
    Being in a business environment is one of the best ways to learn. We all have those tasks that we’d rather hand off to someone else, and that task could not only give a student insight into your world, but also provide them with multiple learning opportunities – from the ground up. Many successful entrepreneurs started out as interns. It takes an investment of time and training on your part, but can be beneficial to you both.

Whatever path you take to investing in the future, we encourage you to get involved in training up the work force of the next generation. The time and energy you spend today will help shape the future of tomorrow’s business.