Grueling Marathon

Jeremy Smith

​Spud’s own Jeremy Smith undertook an amazing personal journey recently. He decided to spend a long weekend vacation and push his mental and physical endurance to the limits by competing in the Bermuda Triple Challenge. The BTC is part of the Obstacle Course Racing World Championship competition, the only independent global competition for the sport of OCR. The Bermuda Triple Challenge is a quite unique weekend competition, with an obstacle course unlike any other race. Competitors experience the beauty of the Atlantic island over three days undertaking three separate challenges.
First was Race 1 in the historic town of St. George. Settled in 1612, this was Bermuda’s capital for over 200 years and contains some of the island’s oldest buildings and forts, including St. Peter’s Church, the oldest Protestant church in the New World. This Argus Urban Foot Race began in this area at dusk as participants navigated throughout the town’s streets, tackling urban inspired obstacles and Crossfit workouts along the route. This 3K challenge required speed and agility as competitors’ raced through 27 different obstacles. Not an easy race by any means, and an exciting start to an amazing weekend.
The second day hosted the Sun Life Island Challenge along Bermuda’s sough shore beaches. Bathed in pink sand, this picturesque area delivered what Bermuda is so well known for; limestone bluffs, spectacular coves, natural trails and deep aqua blue waters. This 5K course began in the morning with military style obstacles overlooking the southern shore. Trudging up and along the sand dunes while carrying bags of weight and crawling beneath barb wire are just a few of this leg of the competitions challenges. As if this wasn’t already a marathon of mind and body, some competitors even completed the circuit for a second time.
The third and final day also began in the morning and set the racers along the Royal Navy Dockyards. This area was the principal base of the British Royal Navy in the western Atlantic following the American Revolution right up to the end of the Cold War. The 5K challenge in this setting included grueling obstacles such as climbing netting strung along the wharf to swimming from channel to channel in an all-out physical assault of the dockyards. Possibly the most challenging of the three events, this included log carries, spear throws and Tarzan swings with a breathtaking trek along a zip line!
Our wayward traveler, Jeremy completed this entire trek fairly unscathed. Merely a little bit of scrapes and small contusions and a bit of sunburn, but truly an adventure filled with beauty and heart. This was a unique challenge that Jeremy can look back upon with pride and accomplishment.