Client Spotlight: Spartan Properties

Client Spotlight: Spartan Properties
Custom software has many advantages, including saving time and money. We were able to help a local client, Spartan Properties, with a web-based custom inventory control system in a single repository that could potentially save them several man-hours per month. 
In the mobile home industry, Spartan Properties purchases, refurbishes and sells mobile homes. Selling over 349 homes in 2017 and shipping to 17 states, including Canada, the company also has storage facilities in most states. Due to the high volume, Spartan was in need of refining its processes, so that’s where Spud came in.

Why did Spartan contact Spud?

As a well-established and growing company, Spartan Properties required a system to maintain their Inventory. Spartan came to Spud with an existing process for managing their mobile home inventory that was entirely Excel based.  All details were added into an Excel spreadsheet that was shared across the network.  The sheet was slow, difficult to use and did not contain all of the information that administrators needed, which often forced office staff to search through paper records for details.
The system also did not provide an accurate indication of what state each home was located in and what might need to be done on a specific home. 
We are in the mobile home industry and with that we purchase mobile homes, we refurbish those home, and sell them. We are involved in transporting the mobile homes.” – Kim Richardson

What was the issue?

Spartan’s existing system was impacting the growth of the business.  The overhead time and costs of trying to work with the Excel based system was keeping the administrative staff extremely busy.  This prevented Spartan from pursuing growth opportunities to expand the business into new areas and increase how many homes they can process simultaneously.
“We find that Spud is most helpful when we have any issues and to allow us to efficiently run our business and to keep track of our large inventory.” – Kim Richardson

What was the process?

Spud Software produced a web based administrative solution for Spartan that allowed them to maintain all of their home details in a single repository.  The system captured all of the details about each aspect of the home, allowing administrative staff to avoid searching through paper records for common questions.  The system also features an event-driven system that accurately represents how homes are processed and can handle things happening out of the normal expected order.  The system is available off site and on mobile devices allowing users to access information without reaching out to administrative staff.
“We have been using Spud for over 10 years for website design and management and application development.”  -Sarah Blachura

How did Spud help them? 

This solution has increased the total workload the existing staff is able to handle. This will allow Spartan Properties to increase the number of homes they process and expand the areas they operate in. Additionally, the solution has increased their data integrity and level of knowledge transfer.  With all information in a single repository, they are no longer constrained to looking through paper records for details about homes.

Our applications that we have now allow us to keep track very efficiently, with all of those different aspects.” – Kim Richardson

Here at Spud, we stick to the philosophy that our client’s success is our success. We have enjoyed working with Spartan Properties for the past ten years and look forward to their continued success.