Spud Coder Challenge Results

Spud Software welcomed contestants to the Coder Challenge Saturday, May 11 for a day of competitive activity. The competition hosted 21 participants over the age of 18 with no full-time programming experience. Every registered contestant received a free commemorative t-shirt and enjoyed pizza and soft drinks throughout the afternoon. The event started at 10:30am and by 3:00pm, the top three were awarded prizes; including $1,000 for first place, a second-place prize of $500 and a $250 third place prize.


The purpose for the Spud Coder Challenge is to engage entry-level software developers with problem-solving and basic coding abilities and assess their suitability for the industry. The competition included multiple programming tasks, with each question testing contestants critical thinking skills and code writing talents. At 2:00pm, the leaderboard was published allowing the participants to see their standings. This provided some insight for the contestants, allowing them to gauge their placement and plan a strategy for their final run at the prize money.

Taking the first-place check of $1,000.00 with a total score of 47, was Sydney Havens from Clarkston, Michigan. A senior at Clarkston High School, Sydney plans to attend the University of Michigan in the fall. In second place, with a total score of 36, receiving a check for $500, was Dillon Buessing and the $250 third place prize was awarded to James Lynott, from St. Clair, totaling 23 points.


“We were excited to host this event and look forward to having similar competitions in the future.” said Derek Sommer, Owner and CEO of Spud Software. “Spud is passionate about growing a community of eager developers who want to be involved in the next generation of technology, and this is a great opportunity for them to start.”

Of course, the event would not be possible without collaborating support from local businesses; these contributing partners understand the importance of promoting the growth of technical talent in the community. Their sponsorship provided an essential portion of the program.