Technology That Will Boost Your Summer Fun

Take your summer to the next level with these tech finds.

As we’re entering into the summer months, our thoughts turn to all the fun to be had, so we’re starting out a summer series with a different focus each week. And we’re encouraging our readers to join in! This week we’re looking at technology and how it can add to your summer fun.

Whether you’re planning a great getaway or just hanging out in your own backyard, technology can help you make the most of the summer season. Here are a few of our favorite finds:

Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers:
It’s not summer without some music to keep you company. Whether you’re rocking out to the Beach Boys on the beach or lounging by the pool with your favorite tunes, there’s no companion better than a waterproof bluetooth speaker. There are a variety of options to choose from, and some are even designed to float right alongside you. (Check out some options here.)

Waterproof Cameras:
While we’re talking about waterproof devices, you can’t beat a waterproof camera to record all of your best summer moments. One of the better options is the YoCam camera which is waterproof in up to 20 feet of water. It’s also equipped with P2P connection capabilities so you can connect from anywhere and share in real time.  The app allows you to control the camera from a distance, edit videos and see live previews. (Find the YoCam here.)

Solar Chargers:
Making the most of all of the summer fun can quickly drain the battery on your devices, and if you’re out and about you may not have a plug nearby. But you can make the most of a sunny day with a solar panel charger for your phone. They come in wired and wireless options and charge your device using the power of the sun rather than a power outlet. (There are a lot chargers to choose from.)

Aerial Photography:
Take your photography and videography to new heights without the expense of a drone. The Birdie aerodynamic accessory for GoPro cameras makes your camera fly. Set your device to take continuous photos or videos and simply toss the Birdie into the air. Your device with float safely back to the ground while taking pictures on the way up and on the way down. And it runs under $100 – a lot less expensive than your standard drone. (Get one here.)

Nano Drones:
Speaking of drones, you can now purchase nano drones at a fraction of the cost and size of a regular drone. Fly your drone through narrow nooks and crannies and keep track even in low light with built-in LEDs. If you want to explore the world of drones without a big investment, nano drones are a great place to start. (Buy the latest here.)

Activity Apps:
If you’re not into spending a bunch of money on summer tech, there are great cheap (and free) app options to make the most of your summer. The Project Noah app features an interactive field guide that sends your kids on missions to discover local flora and fauna. They can then upload photos to learn more about what they’ve found. And if you’re into star-gazing, check out Sky Guide. Point your phone toward the night sky and the app will help you spot constellations, planets and satellites. It even works without a data signal. And with Field Trip, you can carry a tour guide in your pocket. This app points out places of interest, historic sites and more – wherever you are – and provides you with fun facts and details about your location.

As tech geeks, we love to see how technology can make a good summer even better! Send us an email and tell us how you plan to enjoy the warm weather and summer fun and we might just feature you in next week’s newsletter.