Team Highlight: Our Sincerest Welcome


Team Spotlight – Welcome to Spud!

We are excited to welcome two highly experienced and dynamic Project Managers to Spud Software, Denice Febbraro and Ellen Munsey.  We strive to make an impact in our community and in Michigan by adding the very best to our team.  Our team is what makes the Spud experience unique and distinct.  With that said, let’s get to know our newest team members and highlight how they contribute to the customer experience and to Spud.


Denice Febbraro graduated from the University of Pheonix with a major in Business Administration and a minor in Marketing.  Her experience and diverse background in Project Management brings a well-rounded skill set driven by delivering to customer expectations, while managing the development process.  Her drive led her to where she is today after attending PMP training.  Gaining her full hours and hands-on learning, she took over a training program, then grew into managing PLM systems.  Febbraro’s enthusiasm and passion for driving change has been the catalyst for pioneering programs and processes which provided a smooth transition to Spud, from implementing a new Global PLM System with her previous employer.  She is focused on taking on new challenges and enter into the unknown.  In fact, she strives to learn and grow every day as Febbraro lives by the philosophy that, “The learning process is ongoing and that you learn something new every day.”  As Denice Febbraro has fervently taken on all things Spud, she says that “I feel right at home at Spud; like it is a natural and good fit.”  

When not at work, Febbraro enjoys being a “Dog Mom”, traveling, summertime fun, and volunteering / fund raising for animal rescue.  As a native Michigander, Febbraro love the outdoors.  With a passion for the D, she loves to participate in all things Detroit; be it concerts, Tigers opening day, Sunday dog walks, or St. Patrick’s day parade.  In addition, Febbraro loves spending time with her family and being a “Dog Mom” to Buckey Febbraro. After all of her hard-work and fun activities, she is also the Treasurer for the Condo Homeowner’s Association.


Ellen Munsey has been in Project Management for 25 years. She has specialized in enterprise and business development projects, new product development, network deployment and infrastructure builds in her 13 year tenure at Verizon, in addition to her many years serving in key roles at small start up communications companies. Most recently, Munsey managed a complex custom software and application development project for a large government client. She enjoys building relationships and possesses a collaborative approach to thrive as a team and achieve Spud goals.  

Aside from work, Munsey enjoys being with her family; husband (Warren) and two sons Ryan (22), and Jack (19), who are both currently busy with full-time work and school. Munsey’s passions aside from her family include animals, being in nature, a good glass of wine, cooking for and with friends, and lots laughter.   

We want to take a minute and thank everyone for their support in getting the word out about Spud’s hiring efforts. Spud is continuing to look for new additions to the team in Sales, Development, and Administration to be a part of our growing company.  Our website tells more about who were are and what we do. If you haven’t checked it out yet, please visit our site at or if you know anyone who meets our criteria, please send along any information to