New Developers Join Spud’s Team

Team Smile

We are excited to welcome three new faces to Spud Software – Alex Latunski, Zack Garza and Kyle Gibbs. These young developers are an exciting acquisition and offer a unique dimension to our culture. They represent a bold new step to our future as we look to impact our community by adding the very best talent to our team. The Spud experience is both unique and distinct and they are sure to experience many new accomplishments. Let’s get to know our newest members and see how they contribute to Spud.

Alex Latunski joins Spud from Morrice after graduating from the University of Michigan with a degree in Computer Science. While there, he participated in research on image recognition and autonomous drone movements, as well as working as a student technician for the IT Department. Spud is his first full-time position following graduation and between his new responsibilities here as a developer, he enjoys the comforts of a good read and the challenge of board game competitions.

Zach Garza carries along a fascinating element to Spud Software with his design background. A local from Grand Blanc, Zack graduated from Kendall College of Art and design following his major field of study in Graphic Design with a minor in Photography. Throughout his academic career, Zach spent time honing his skills in photography and merchandising while freelancing in graphic design projects. He also maintains an active fitness lifestyle and studies film, with a deep appreciation for Japan’s Toho Studios and their contributions to the motion picture industry.

Kyle Gibbs hails from Lapeer, Michigan and is currently finishing his Degree in Computer Science from the University of Michigan. Spud is his first position in software development, although he has worked steadily in the retail environment focusing on customer relationships. He maintains that his true passion is developing gaming applications and spends much of his spare time studying design practices and developing his own programs.
Each of these gentlemen bring a fresh perspective to Spud Software and we welcome them to our team. We would also also like to thank everyone for their support in getting the word out about Spud’s hiring efforts. Spud is continuing to look for new additions to the team in Sales, Development, and Administration to be a part of our growing company. Our website tells more about who were are and what we do. If you haven’t checked it out yet, please visit our site at or if you know anyone who meets our criteria, please send along any information to