A Behind-The-Scenes Look at Spud

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A Behind the Scenes Look at Spud 

Have you ever wondered what it is like behind the scenes at Spud Software? As our team is expanding, today is a perfect day to take a look at our team, the culture, and active involvement in the community. First and foremost, we lead with our core values to be honest, dedicated, passionate, and resourceful. Our team operates just like our mantra states; Work Hard, Play Hard. We start the day dedicated to our clients. Our whole team works hard to make the dreams of our clients a reality by coming in, putting forth 110% for our clients’ projects, then delivering. We see every day how our innovative projects change the lives of our clients and their businesses. Our team of sales consultants, business analysts, project managers and developers are all actively involved throughout the life of the project and we are always eager to make the clients’ success story a joint venture. As one of our long-time developers, Kari Bishop, describes the culture, “We are always on the cutting edge of technology, so I am constantly learning new things, constantly able to keep up with the latest and greatest.”

Spud believes in diversity of projects; meaning that our developers do not work on a project for too long. Having varying projects fluidly moving among our development team ensures constant communication within our crew – creating a stronger and happier team. Andrew Morris, a vital developer to our team explains his view of Spud by saying, “I like the fact that every day is different. We always have something new to do; there is always new work coming through the door and it’s exciting.”

As a local company that works with local clients, it is important for us to serve the community and stay in contact with our clients. By creating a culture of consistently improving ourselves and our processes, Spud Software has implemented a successful method to our processes that is tried and true for over 21 years. Derek Sommer, founder and owner of Spud Software lives by Spuds’ core values and strives to consistently change with the times by staying in the know. Andrew Morris continues his view by stating, “Spud Software is different in the fact that it’s innovative, it’s always pushing boundaries, looking for new ways to do things.”

At the end of the day when the hard work is complete, we like to enjoy the camaraderie of the team, have a blast, and perhaps get a little competitive. We love to give back to our community; hosting events for the community and for our staff. Outside of work, you can find us having bowling nights, playing paintball, even participating in the Polar Plunge, but it is not always a huge team excursion. Sometimes we like to kick back at the office, have a drink, and play some Ping-Pong. Overall, we are dedicated to the team, the cause, and our clients’ success. Derek Sommer sums it up perfectly, “We want to make the world a better place by bringing defined processes and accountability to the workplace.”