FACES Special: Featuring Derek Sommer

Derek Sommer stars in Flint and Genesee’s FACES. “What I love about being self-employed is having the opportunity to start different projects,” says Sommer. “Starting my own business, I was able to keep the variety.”

He started his journey of business ownership while he attended college at Western Michigan University (WMU), majoring in computer science. While he knew that owning his own business was always something he wanted to do, he started seriously researching the business ownership route when he attended WMU. Shortly after Sommer graduated, he sought relationships what would eventually become the beginning of his business, Spud Software. For three years after college, he began establishing relationships in his respective field through contract jobs and finally launched Spud Software in his basement just three weeks after the birth of his first son. 

The road to owning his dream 9,500-square-foot building was not easy as Sommer began by working through the night, in his basement, so that he could care for his newborn son while his wife was resting. The hard work paid off when he eventually was able to move his business out of the basement and hired his first employees. Each move he made with Spud software led to where he is now in the Township of Grand Blanc, in a building that was just recognized in the design award for Best New Building 

Take a look below in this FACES special about how Sommer made Spud Software into a successful business.