Taking it Back to the Bricks

Well it’s that time of year once again! The sun is shining and while most people might be winding down their summer plans, every gearhead around is prepping their ride for this year’s Back to the Bricks celebration. Spud Software is always ready to help promote local festivities, especially ones that have such an impact on the whole community. After all, Back to the Bricks is one of the largest events that occurs in the Genesee County area.
What was once a single day throwback to the cruising culture of the 80’s has now exploded into a week-long collection of events and festivities which thus far, has done a phenomenal job bringing people of all ages together for the enjoyment of cars. The main cruising that occurs, in fact, takes place on Saginaw Street where most teen hangouts in the area were once found, and this communal aspect is very much so reflected in the core fundamental values the event seeks to promote. Long gone are the days when teens used to drive from hangout to hangout in order to meet up with their friends, Back to the Bricks helps us to remember a simpler time when all a teen needed was his car and some friends.
The sheer variety of vehicles you will find during the event is astounding. Vehicles can span as far back as the Model-T or be as new as 2019 Camaro. Perhaps what’s even more impressive is the amount of passion and creativity people are willing to pour into their cars. In its early years, for the most part, the event would have beautifully restored vehicles and there are still plenty of those at the event now. But as the years have gone by there have been more unconventional restorations. Of course there are the classic Hot-Rods, perhaps the most common modified cars, but you’ll also find Rat-Rods, Hydraulic Vehicles, Kit Cars and much more.
There are many employees at Spud Software who love going to Back to the Bricks. During the event you might find some of us sitting along Saginaw watching the cars drive by or even see us in our own cars enjoying the cruise. Whichever way you enjoy the festivities, if you notice someone from Spud Software at the event, don’t forget to say hi!