Welcome Back, Ally Challenge!

Now that summer has come to its conclusion, it’s that time of year once again to enjoy the annual PGA Tour proceedings. Luckily for us, we just so happen to have such an event right in our own neighborhood! It’s hard to believe that it’s only been a year since The Ally Challenge was brought into the fold, but since its inclusion it has already become a highly sought-out event in the Grand Blanc area. As a yearly PGA Tour Champions event that started in September of 2018, The Ally Challenge, finds its home at the Warwick Hills Golf and Country Club, just down the road from Spud Software!
The event made its debut in September of 2018 and though it hasn’t been around for long, it’s already become the premier golfing event in the area. Of course that’s not to say the country club is at all inexperienced when it comes to hosting a PGA Tour event. Many individuals might remember the Buick Open was previously held at the same location from 1958 through 2009, as one of the six former PGA Tour sites hosting PGA Tour Champions events.
This period of absence from the professional golfing world was not made idle, however, as the Warwick Hills Golf and Country Club sought out a replacement PGA Tour Champions event as early as the conclusion of the Buick Open. Though it took some time to find a title sponsor, today we have the Detroit-based, Ally Financial to thank for, not only becoming the title sponsor of the event, but for bringing the PGA back to Grand Blanc as well.
Everyone at Spud Software is especially excited for the tournament, as we will have several of our employees attending and volunteering at the event. If you happen to spot any of us enjoying the festivities, come give us a friendly hello!