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Spud Feed the bus

With the upcoming holidays, the Spud Software team has been reflecting on our blessings and everything for which we are thankful. This is a crucial time of year to give back, as we also know that many people don’t come home to food on the table, which can be especially difficult during the holidays. In fact, 12.2% of the Grand Blanc population live below the poverty line, most of whom are children.

With this information, we decided to take a stand against poverty and started seeking out organizations that align with our values. When we stumbled upon FISH of Grand Blanc, we knew we needed to be a part of it in some way. Founded in 1974, FISH of Grand Blanc is a local organization with the mission of helping neighbors obtain food, hygiene products and other necessities. Their biannual Feed the Bus event is intended to stock their Food Pantry which serves 1,500 individuals each year.

We began collecting items in September for this particular event. The response was overwhelming! We were able to fill the Spud Van with donations from employees, clients and visitors. In addition to a van full of donations, 11 Spud employees took some time out of their Saturday on November 23 to volunteer at the Feed the Bus event at Grand Blanc High School. It’s important to recognize that giving back to one’s community involves more than monetary and physical donations. Lending a couple hours at a community event or soup kitchen goes a long way to bring a community together.

We’re thankful for the opportunity to give back to our community and to be a part of one that values their neighbors so much to lend a helping hand. We’ll leave you with one question: how will you give back this season?

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