The Gift That Keeps Giving

Gift that keeps giving

‘Tis the season when time is the most valued resource. The days are shorter, holiday prep is full-swing, and many just want to make it home to their family in time to enjoy hot cocoa by the fireplace.

Nothing slows an office down like multiple systems or programs storing the data needed for a meeting or proposal. By finding a better solution and investing in ease of use, you will ultimately save your business time. This gives everyone more time at home with their families, especially when it matters most. If you feel you and your employees spend too much time in too many applications, consider the following while searching for a new solution.

Get everyone on the same page

The average employee uses about eight SaaS applications, and the companies themselves use upwards of 200 or more. Typically, one finds some overlap in functions, and perhaps the business inherited some through company acquisitions. We understand that sometimes a company can’t avoid using multiple applications because each has its own primary function needed by the employee or business. In an ideal world, one could fine all functions in one neat package. However, this is rarely the case in out-of-the-box solutions.

It won’t happen overnight, but it’s important for all mindsets to be heading in the same direction. This can be achieved by including employees in the conversation. Certainly this is win-win, as engaged teams gain greater profitability. In addition, leaders often learn valuable insight into daily tasks that may have not even been considered. These insights can help determine a better solution and eliminate any waste.


It’s vital for software to integrate. If multiple systems are necessary for your business to operate, those systems should be able to talk to each other. Integrating with existing systems reduces human error in your data by significantly scaling down the need for data entry.

If any of your software packages don’t allow API or data exports, it’s time to reconsider those. This is the key for software communication, as well as owning your data.

 Centralized location

Remember that ideal world we mentioned before? Imagine not having to check various applications or spreadsheets to obtain the data you need to understand an employee’s current workload or past work done for a client for a new proposal. We can make that ideal world a reality.

Tying it all together, integrations allow for quick access to data. This prevents business owners and managers from having to navigate multiple systems and applications to check in on business status.

Our team is experienced in helping businesses find solutions to become more efficient. If you’re ready for a custom business solution, please reach out. Whether you need help with integrations or are ready for a fully custom software package, we’re ready to begin the conversation to find the best fit for your business. Your business is unique. Your software should be too.