Holiday Traditions

Christmas Lights

Christmas is a beloved holiday here at Spud Software, and we always make time to get festive. Just as families establish their own unique traditions, we found ourselves continuing and creating our own traditions at Spud.

We especially enjoyed this season, so we thought we’d share a few ways we chose to spread our holiday cheer this year.

Christmas Lights

We wasted no time this season. As soon as Halloween wrapped up, we put away the pumpkins and skeletons and swapped them for Christmas lights. They went up first thing in November thanks to Zoro’s Christmas Lights. Our hope was to bring some cheer and light to everyone this season, especially those commuters driving by early in the morning or late in the evening! We hope you all enjoyed it and would love to see any pictures you may have captured!

Christmas Trees

Not one, not two, but three Christmas trees can be spotted in the Spud building. Max Sommer and Carly Schlinkert love decorating for each holiday, so they took charge in making the inside of our building glow this season. Putting up our lobby 12 feet tall Christmas tree is quite the task, but they were up for the challenge!

Ugly Sweaters

Last week we decided to have some festive fun and do an “Ugly Sweater Day” in the office. To make things interesting, we put a $20 Buffalo Wild Wings gift card on the line. We had some strong contenders, like Kari Bishop’s jingle bell sweater and Zach Garza’s lit up Godzilla sweater, but Jason Watson (second right) was ultimately crowned our winner!

Team Christmas
Holiday Cookies

We love spoiling our clients with homemade goodies from Chef Jeff. Of course, this isn’t exclusive to the Christmas, but the holidays certainly brought the creativity out of our corporate chef. If you were able to stop by at some point in December, you likely enjoyed some of these delicious goodies and maybe were lucky enough to snag some to go. We look forward to more treats from Chef Jeff in the coming year!

Sugar Cookie
Spending time with loved ones

Most importantly, we keep efficient processes in place year-round so that we can make it home to our loved ones when it matters most. Let us know how you celebrate your favorite holiday!

If you’re ready to gain efficiency in your business and make it home to loved ones for the holidays, please contact us. We have helped hundreds of businesses find business solutions and look forward to helping you as well.