The Most Important Office Morale Booster

Using Google as their model, many businesses are developing their own ways to increase office morale, which in turn, can create more efficient business. After all, happy employees are more likely to be hardworking and honest. It can speak volumes on the company’s values if they celebrate birthdays or go on fun field trips. In fact, many companies use these extracurricular as incentive to apply. Nevertheless, an Office Manager can spend hours making a fun environment for employees, but is that what’s really preventing employees from leaving?
Don’t misunderstand — we love a good pizza party! We at Spud Software believe it’s extremely important to keep employees happy and provide opportunities for them to pursue their hobbies. We’ve been known to paintball and dodge balls from colleagues. These are still important activities for team building, but it’s not on the daily agenda. (We’re just waiting for Dodgeball to be an official Olympic sport.)