Define. Design. Develop. Deliver.

When you work at a company like ours, the word “process” gets thrown around a lot around. But what does process mean? And how is it important for a company to succeed? At Spud Software we believe that having the right processes in place allows for a successful business to flourish. So what is a business process? Well, a business process can be any sort of structured tasks that a group of individuals follow in order to produce a specific service. 

​Define. Design. Develop. Deliver. These four values make up the foundation of our process here at Spud Software. Let’s take an in-depth look at each of these aspects in order to gain a deeper understanding of how our process is used to benefit our clients.

The first part of a process sets the tone for the rest of the steps. “Define” is the most important part of our process. This is our chance to learn all we can about your business goals and objectives. The more we learn about your business and goals, the better we can serve you. During this time, we come up with the formula for success of your project when we deliver and well into the future.

Once we have a solid understanding of your business needs, we can get started on our design. During this step, we will stay in contact with you, as we don’t want to begin any project without your review and input. We’ll use our expertise and creativity to design a project to meet your user requirements, timing and budget. As needed, we create flowcharts, wireframes and documentation explaining the specifics of each release.

Now it’s time for us to get to work. As with the other steps, communication is still key, and this is your chance to get involved. We want your honesty and feedback so that your idea becomes a reality. You can talk with your development team throughout and ask them to make a little change “here” and a little tweak “there.” Our client’s success is our success, so we want you to be completely satisfied with the results.

Nothing is more satisfying than seeing your vision become something tangible. While this is the last step of our process, our work doesn’t end here. We’ll make sure that everyone involved understands what is going on and what is expected of them. If training is required, we can handle that as well. Even if it’s the final release, we understand that additional support or updates may be needed.

We’re your team. We’re here to make sure you succeed. Spud Software is here for our clients.

This proven process has evolved with us and has worked with clients of all sizes and industries. We’d love to discuss our process with you further. Give us a call for an open and honest discussion about our practices and how we can help your business.