Identify and Eliminate Roadblocks to Prepare for Growth

This past Friday Spud Software’s owner, Derek Sommer, had the honor of presenting the keynote speech for the 2019 Vision Conference, which was hosted by ECO. His presentation offered invaluable insight into his thought processes and experience that will surely prove useful to many business owners and entrepreneurs who attended.

Sommer’s keynote jumpstarted the day explaining how in business, you’re either growing or dying. This subject was broken down into 3 main talking points which included identifying and eliminating roadblocks, along with preparing for growth. The thought process being that identifying your roadblocks is crucial in order to keep your business from dying.  When you learn to identify your roadblocks you will in turn have the ability to properly understand how to eliminate them. This will then allow you to prepare your business for growth appropriately. 

For those of you who were unable to attend the Vision Conference, here’s a summarized breakdown of these three points that were discussed by Derek.

1. Identify Roadblocks
Roadblocks, which can also be known as blind spots, are obstacles to your success. There are 3 kinds that Sommer covered during his presentation: ones you know exist and are working on, ones you know exist and haven’t dealt with, ones you know exist and don’t want to deal with. The sooner they are identified, the more time and money a business owner can save.

You should understand your roadblocks by asking for feedback and listening to your business partners, your clients and your employees. Once identified, you can narrow in on how to eliminate them. 

 2. Eliminate the Roadblocks
Business owners and entrepreneurs are certainly rock stars, but you must know you can’t do it all – you need a team to support you. A team can include but is not limited to your accountants, lawyers, insurance providers, financial advisors, HR/recruiting agencies, product suppliers, service suppliers and marketing/PR agencies. Use these partners to supplement your knowledge and strengthen your business.

Importantly, don’t be your own roadblock: Stop giving away your services for free or at cost for friends and family and maintain your focus on the business rather than in the business. 
3. Prepare for Growth
Now that your roadblocks have been eliminated, you can prepare for growth. Sales and marketing are absolutely important. However, no matter how much money or time you invest into sales and marketing, it comes down to whether you have the people, resources and processes to handle the work. If these things aren’t in place, it will end poorly.

In order to avoid growing pains, stay ahead of recruiting efforts, have a plan for seamless onboarding, maintain your equipment, understand your financials and lead by example. 

As a business owner, ensure that you’re taking the time to identify and eliminate any roadblocks preventing your business or yourself from growing. Spud Software specializes in creating business software solutions so that you can stay ahead of roadblocks and know exactly where your business stands at a moment’s notice. Give us a call or fill out a form to begin the conversation.