Benefits & Uses of Dashboard Reporting

The use of dashboards can be advantageous in multiple aspects, so there are a number of benefits of dashboard reporting. Here are the top six features and benefits dashboards can provide:Data transparency – Data is any company’s most important asset. However, it doesn’t do much good if no one can understand or access it. A well-designed […]

How to know your processes are in trouble

One of the scariest things in business: your processes not working. We highlighted some red flags this may be the case in your business. SpreadsheetsWe can’t emphasize enough the importance of keeping spreadsheets away from your processes. If you hear that employees are using spreadsheets to track something here or there, that’s the first red […]

Positive Employee Orientations

The effect of a stellar new hire orientation can mean all the difference when it comes to creating a long-lasting impact on your employees. According to The Wynhurst Group, “22% of staff turnover occurs in the first forty-five days of employment and a report from the Center for American Progress found that turnover can cost […]

The Year-End Review: Who, What, When, Why

Should you change your business to fit around a product or service or should the product or service change to fit your business needs? It may seem like an obvious answer, but business owners are still changing their processes to fit software that might not necessarily offer everything they require.  Additionally, many software packages are […]

Improving Workflows

In our many years of custom software development, something notable we’ve encountered, especially in the last few years, is the need for good workflow software. Whether you’re looking to improve daily operations or you’re hoping your business will be bought out, it’s imperative to maintain business workflows. In order to do so, it’s most efficient to […]

The Process for Processes

We know, it definitely sounds a bit odd, but a process needs to be followed in order to keep your processes intact. Instead of accepting chaos in the workplace, it’s vital for a business to stay organized and implement processes throughout the business. In this case, a process is a defined course of action for […]

Me, Myself & API

If you’ve ever met with a software developer, or are at all familiar with software packages, you have probably heard the term “API.” In short, “API” stands for “Application Programming Interface.” That’s great to know, but what does that mean? And is it even relevant to you? Now if this is the first time you’re […]