Buyer Beware of SaaS for Workflow Tracking

Your business is unique and your software should be as well.  We have experienced countless counteractive scenarios with our clients who have first opted to purchase an off-the-shelf SaaS solution only to realize that it made things worse.  The true costs of “one size fits all” workflow solutions can be described in the following scenario:Say that you are a […]

Do You Accept Chaos In The Workplace?

While “embracing the chaos” is a nice catch phrase, the fact is, employees prefer defined processes. Successfully implemented processes are when everyone throughout the company knows what they are suppose to do, when to do it, and feel confident in the tools to get it done efficiently. Employees will often feel happier at work when they feel secure in their […]

Where To Start When Organizing Your Processes

Have you ever sat there, stared into the abyss and wondered how to begin to organize something?  The reason we often have that overwhelming feeling when it comes to organizing is because we have no idea where to start.  Particularly when organizing processes in the workplace, it can feel like you are in so deep that you have no idea […]

Organizing and Optimizing Your Processes

Last week we covered capturing all of your processes in a single location and format for easy access.  Now it is time to organize and establish optimum efficiency to ensure your processes are the most productive and resourceful as possible.As Bear Grylls would say, “Good things don’t come easy.”  This is not an easy task and will take some time.  It is crucial to […]

Maintaining Processes as a Routine

If you have been taking action in the past few weeks and working towards organizing and defining your processes, you may have come to realize that this is a lot of work.  However, if you are sticking with the plan of attack, so to speak, you know that it is worth the undertaking.  Consider for a […]

Software Assessment

Everyone has experienced buyer’s remorse at one time or another. Maybe you return the item, and maybe you pay a restocking fee, but there’s no real harm done. However, when you’re a small or midsize business (SMB), it’s not as simple to get out from under a bad project management (PM) software investment. In fact, […]

Software Reporting

Effective software reporting tools provide a versatile approach to organizing data – allowing users to extract and present information in charts, tables, and other visualizations. While the main purpose of software reporting tools are to translate data into actionable information; reporting should fit within an organizations strategic business goals in order to be useful. There […]