Track Your Business Tuesday (Inventory)

Inaccurate inventory data can cost you.  Tracking inventory offers many opportunities to save money and just as many to throw money to the wind.  When reviewing your inventory tracking process here are some points to consider: The time spent maintaining the inventory.  Is it as simple as possible and collecting only information that is needed or […]

Track Your Business Tuesday (Dashboards)

Dashboard reports are similar to great pieces of art with one huge exception. When looking at a piece of art whether it is a painting or sculpture it ultimately moves you by giving you inspiration, drive or awe. A well defined dashboard report should do the same. It should inspire you to continuously improve your business or […]

How to Effectively Track Employee Time

Every business owner knows how critical it is to track employee time Whether it’s to assure expected productivity or that deadlines are met, you put profitability at risk if you don’t. If your staff punch a clock or log time against projects, accurate tracking is the foundation to meeting established goals. Additionally, customer satisfaction relies […]