Spud Creates Software for Web, Mobile and PC. But, We’re So Much More Than That!

Our team has a heart for seeing other companies succeed and grow. Over the past 20 years, we’ve done work in just about every industry and have designed software packages for a variety of clients, from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. The Spud team has written thousands of programs and has hundreds of clients, many of which are still clients to this day. Our software is used in all 50 states and in other countries.

It is this well-rounded experience and knowledge that makes Spud much more than a software shop. We write code, but because we are so passionate about the success of our clients, we go above and beyond to make sure what we are being asked to do makes the most sense for our clients from a business and economic perspective.

The Spud Team: We’re Local, Dedicated and Experienced

Spud Software is a team of 20+ people consisting of developers, business analysts, project managers and consultants. Because we work with tight timelines and strive to keep the project costs to a minimum, we only hire senior project managers and senior developers with a minimum of 5 years of real-world development experience. When combined with our low turnover, that means most of our staff now have over 10 years of development experience. All our team members work out of our Grand Blanc, MI, office except one. After working for Spud for years, one of our developers decided to move to Florida. He takes working remote to a whole new level! Learn more about Spud’s history.

Why Choosing a Local Software Company is Important to Your Success

Being local to our clients makes it easier to take care of all their needs. Whether it is a whiteboarding solution meeting, reviewing flowcharts, wireframes, design specifications or training them on their new software solution, we like to be there in person whenever possible. We have several clients that have come to us after they have tried using overseas or near shore software development, but in every instance, the headache, actual bottom line cost, language barriers and time difference ends up being much worse than expected.

The Spud Difference

When vetting a software company it’s important to understand why more companies choose Spud to provide their software solutions.

It is important to make sure that the custom software solution you are paying for is owned by you. If you ever want to change companies, bring the work in house or sell the software, you want to make sure you own it.
It is hard to believe, but we still know companies that got involved with the wrong suppliers only to find out they don't own the data. Some companies will say you own the data, but not provide a method to export it without a huge cost. We make sure that your data is your data and if you ever need it, you can get it.
We have a Master Service Agreement (MSA) that spells this out with all the fun legal speak, but we like to make it simple. If it is proprietary to your business, we keep it confidential. To keep you covered, we request all confidential and proprietary documentation is marked accordingly and all our staff has signed confidentiality agreements. And here's another reason for using a local company like Spud: How can you hold someone accountable if they aren't in the United States?
Depending on the project, there may be ongoing costs. They could be as small as hosting or could involve call center support. Some of our clients are constantly changing their processes and purchase billable hours in advance for additional savings. We will be open and honest about what the ongoing costs are prior to starting any project.
Spud has done work for companies of all sizes, from Fortune 500 companies to start-ups with investors. With 20 years of experience and a wide range of clients, Spud can bring a ton of experience and understanding of what works.
Our in-house developers do all the work. We never sub-contract to offshore companies. We've seen the work they do and their data formats, the flow of the programs and overall functionality isn't always consistent with how American's do things. There may be some great offshore development firms out there, we just haven't heard of any.

The Spud Core Values

Honest: We tell it the way it is and stand for what we believe in.
Dedicated: We see the projects through and stay loyal to our clients.
Passionate: We care about our clients’ success because their success equates to our success.
Resourceful: We are constantly researching innovative technologies in order to provide the best solutions for our clients.

Does Your Company Need a Better Solution?

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