Exceptional Team Members

Before applying at Spud, please review our core values, the video showing our culture and the information provided explaining what to expect from Spud. We are always accepting resumes, and if we do not have an open position at this time, we will keep your resume on file for a future opportunity. We know not everyone can be an immediate perfect fit for Spud, but if you share our core values, have the ability to put in 110% at work and in your personal life, you probably have what it takes to be an asset to the team:

Spud’s Core Values:

Honest: We tell it the way it is and stand for what we believe in.
Dedicated: We see the projects through and stay loyal to our clients.
Passionate: We care about our clients’ success because their success equates to our success.
Resourceful: We are constantly researching new technologies in order to provide the best solutions for our clients.

Here’s What You Can Expect From Spud:

  • Health Insurance starting on Day 1
  • 401K with up to 4% company match after 1 month of employment
  • Hourly pay (see the benefits below)
  • True flex time (see what we mean below)
  • Spud casual (not business casual see below)
  • 6 paid holidays and 5 paid vacation days after 12 months of full-time employment
  • Ping pong, Foosball and Billiards
  • Free fountain pop and beer

Our True Flex Time Versus The Other Guys

When Spud says we offer flex time, we mean true flex time. We have team members that work four 10-hour days, others that work 6 to 7-hour days over six days. We have team members that come in before the sun comes up and others that roll in around lunch time. Our team members come and go as needed based on their personal lives. For example, if they have activities with their family, need to stay at home and wait for the plumber, or are just feeling under the weather and want to sleep it off, they just do it.

Spud has a very simple philosophy: As long as the job is getting done right and done on time, we don’t care where the work is done. With that said, all our team members do live local and do come into the office as needed. After all, working from home isn’t for everyone. Some people need to come into the office to be the most productive, not to mention utilize the team camaraderie and in-house brain trust.

If You Meet Our Expectations, Let’s Talk

Technologies you will use at Spud include, but are not limited to: Microsoft .NET technologies including: ASP.NET MVC/Web API, PowerShell, Windows Services, WPF, .NET Core Languages: C#, SQL/T-SQL, JavaScript/TypeScript, HTML, XAML Backend software design in SQL Server 2008R2/2016 Entity Framework v6/Entity Framework Core + Code-First method Front-end frameworks: Bootstrap, Knockout, Angular, jQuery Mobile: iOS (Objective C/Swift), Android (Java), Xamarin (C#) Requirements: Complete all phases of software development life cycle, including: analysis, design, functionality, testing and support. Develop large scale applications for multiple clients in multiple industries. Communicate clearly with business users, project managers and team members. 5+ years of development experience.
Ability to create flowcharts, wireframes and detailed design specifications, as well as clearly communicating with clients- what IS and what IS NOT in scope. An understanding of Spud's services and process. Experience in multiple industries. Communicate clearly with clients, business users, project managers and team members. 5+ years experience flowcharting, wireframing and/or detailed specification write-ups.
A comprehensive understanding of Spud's services and process. Well-rounded experience in multiple industries. Ability to look at situation and provide multiple solution options, even if they aren't in the interest of Spud. Our job is to provide solutions that make the most sense to the client, not Spud. Ability to speak up and represent the client when collaborating with Spud team members. Ability to tell the client they are wrong. As always, we will do what they want, but it is our responsibility to protect clients from themselves. Communicate clearly with clients, business users, project managers and team members. 5+ years of development experience.
Ability to learn our clients’ software solutions and provide technical support to their users. Document calls, including enhancement requests, improvement suggestions, etc. Communicate clearly with clients, business users, project managers and team members. This is the one position at Spud that requires you to be one-site between specific times. We will work around your schedule as much as possible. Our call center hours range from 8am to 10pm EST Monday - Friday. There is rotation schedule to offer some level of flexibility. 2+ years’ experience in consumer service.

Our Culture

Please check out this video to see our culture. We know it isn’t for everyone, but if you are passionate about creating solutions and seeing those solutions making an impact on businesses and people lives, Spud may be the place for you.

At Spud, Experience and Dedication Matter

Following our mantra, we expect everyone to put in 110% while at work. If you watched our Work Hard / Play Hard Video you know that we put 110% in our personal lives as well. With that said, our Developers, Consultants and Business Analysts must have a minimum 5 years’ experience to work at Spud. Because we are a boutique service company, we can’t bring on entry level team members. By boutique, we mean, we have a client base that has chosen to work with Spud just as much as Spud has chosen to work with them. Our clients are our partners and their success directly impacts our success. We are happy to say almost all of our clients continue to use Spud for years after the first project. With that said, not one of our developers is ever on the same project for too long. Spud believes diversity in projects make stronger and happier team members. We are much faster paced and are in constant communication with our clients more than most companies but, with that, comes completed projects and the satisfaction of seeing it action.

Why We Pay Hourly Versus Salary

All our employees are full-time employees and when someone works over 80 hours in a pay period (payroll is every 2 weeks) Spud pays for those extra hours worked. If you are going to give more of your personal time to Spud, you should be compensated for it. All our staff (excluding sales staff) are hourly. We know this isn’t the industry standard, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t right. For example, say you make $80,000 per year salary. This equates to (80,000 / 2080 hours per year) $38.46 per hour. If you work an average of 50 hours per week, this actually equates to $30.77 per hour. At Spud, you would be paid $38.46 per hour. If you worked 50 hours per week, you would make (38.46 x 50 hours x 52 weeks) $99,996.00 per year. Spud bases your hourly rate on what you expect to make working only 80 hours a pay period. If you work more than 80 hours a pay period, then you make that much more. Not that we expect you to put in more than 80 hours a pay period, we just think you should be compensated for it if you do.

Spud Casual

Spud doesn’t believe wearing a suit, a tie, or even khakis make a person smarter, more productive or more respectable. We believe comfort is king. For that reason, we encourage people to wear what is comfortable and makes them the most productive, whether that is shorts and sandals or that special t-shirt with holes in it that is only worn on code launch days. We want people comfortable, happy and productive. Note: We are respectful of our client’s dress codes when going to their business for meetings, etc. For that reason, you may want to keep a pair of khakis and a golf shirt in the car.

Why Work for Spud?

It’s simple. You will love it here.

Thank you for considering Spud Software. Please email us about the position you are interested in and attach your resume. We respond to all submissions within 2 business days.