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So much more than a custom software shop

Since 1997, the Spud team has helped hundreds of businesses streamline their businesses using our software.
Our team prides itself in putting ourselves into our clients shoes and doing everything we can to help them be more efficient and more profitable.

Reasons to Work with Spud

We solve business problems
We partner with our clients and become an extension their team
We make sure our clients see that we are in this together and we want to make them as successful as possible
We are process driven and very proactive
We take our responsibilities seriously
We are transparent
We make sure everyone understands what we are doing and why we are doing it
We have been in business for over 25 years
We have worked with hundreds of clients in just about every industry
We want to help!


Our purpose is to make companies as efficient and profitable as possible, getting processes in place, ensuring the processes are being followed and providing management with the reports they need to make the best decisions possible.

Our Core Values

Honesty - Passionate - Dedicated - Resourceful

The Spud Difference

When vetting a software company, it’s important to understand why more companies choose Spud to provide their software solutions.

More than Developers
Our team provides a level of expertise and experience with processes, data, reports and accountability second to none. Each of our project managers have 10+ years experience helping businesses with implementing the best solutions. Before our developers write a single line of code, we become part of your team and ultimately help your business succeed and reach its goals by putting together a strategy that meets your budget and timing requirements.

You Own the Intellectual Property.
If it is proprietary to your business, we keep it confidential. Here’s another reason for using a local company like Spud: How can you hold someone or a business accountable if they aren’t in the United States of America?

Impressive Resume.
Spud has done work for companies of all sizes, from Fortune 500 companies to start-ups. With 25 years of experience, hundreds of clients, thousands of software implementations, Spud brings a ton of experience and understanding to your project.

100% American Owned and Operated.
Our in-house team does all the work. We never sub-contract to offshore companies. We’ve seen the work they do, their data formats, the flow of the programs and overall functionality isn’t always consistent with how Americans do things. There may be some great offshore development firms out there, we just haven’t heard of any.

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