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Track Your Business Tuesday (Getting More Done with Less People)

Great software gets more done with less people because it will:Streamline processesPrevent fire drills that are huge time sucksEliminate repetitive tasksAutomate time consuming tasksLet me know a day and time that works for you to see what PAC can do for your company and we will make it happen.Our PACManager software is the most flexible business management software for […]

Track Your Business Tuesday (2022 Process Review)

By now you know what went well in 2021 and what can be done better in 2022 to save time, headaches and increase sales / profits.  We would appreciate the opportunity to show you how Spud and our PACManager software can help make sure the new processes for 2022 are implemented and followed.  Below is […]

Track Your Business Tuesday (Marketing Efforts)

Tracking marketing efforts for 2022 will help determine what is working and what marketing campaigns need to change sooner instead of later.  PACManager can track all the below efforts plus provide powerful reports.Email CampaignsEvents / Shows / ExposGift mailingsGoogle AdWordsGoogle AnalyticsNewspaper / Magazine AdsPostcard / Information MailingsRadio / TVWebsite ActivityBlog ActivitiesCase Studies Added / SharedCustomer ServiceDropping off […]

Track Your Business Tuesday (Time Saving Sales Meetings)

Sales meetings can be expensive.  Consider the meeting prep time, all the people in the meeting and the meeting follow up time. PACManager can save you time and money.When you have all the sales activity in PACManager, the meeting agenda is created automatically, eliminating prep time (see image below).The reports built into the agenda are […]

Track Your Business Tuesday (Year End Reviews)

You know it is coming.  That time when all your employees are expecting a year end review and a raise.Do you have the data to make sure the employees that went above and beyond are getting taken care of because they hit their KPIs, reached (or surpassed) their goals / responsibilities?Do you have the historical information on […]

Track Your Business Tuesday (20 Week ERP Implementation?)

Can an ERP be implemented in 20 weeks?In short: YES, it can be done and done right! Spud has been customizing and implementing business management software for 24 years.  We know the questions to ask, we have a core code base setup to handle 80% of what every business needs and based on your specific needs and processes we customize the remaining […]

Track Your Business Tuesday (Do you have the data needed for year end?)

Six weeks and 2021 is over.  Are you ready? What are the projections for next year?Is it time to raise rates?Do you have year end financials including work completed versus payments received without work done yet?Are there year end opportunities with your current clients?What does your workload look like through the first quarter of next year?Do you have up to […]

Track Your Business Tuesday (Good Data is like a Comfy Blanket)

If you don’t have all the data regarding the status of your business in each of the following departments, please let me know and I will share with you how we have helped hundreds of businesses over the last 24+ years.  Our Business Management Software (PACManager) tracks, reports and help manage the following:SalesOperationsFinanceMarketingI.T.HRIf you would like to learn more about […]

Track Your Business Tuesday (Scheduling Employees)

Getting more work done with less people is an ongoing challenge for small business, but has never been as difficult as it is right now.  Many businesses want to have more employees but can’t find the people to fill the positions.  Spud can help by making sure as much as possible can be accomplished with the […]

Track Your Business Tuesday (Security Audits)

Security has never been a higher concern than it is right now.  Finding out the following aren’t getting done after you get hacked is too late.Daily or real-time back upsDisaster recovery plan is up to dateFirewall security patchesServer security patchesUp to date virus protectionPhishing awarenessPast employees that still have access to your dataThese are just a few […]