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Track Your Business Tuesday (Dashboards vs Tabular Reports)

Tabular Reports with tons of columns and rows of data can be useful, but can end up being like white noise. That is why at Spud we recommend dashboard reports that are clickable to the tabular reports for more detail, if needed. The “if needed” part is the big difference. A powerful, well designed dashboard […]

Track Your Business Tuesday (Only the Modules You Need)

A lot of people have been requesting to implement a module or two to start instead of all of PACManager all at once.   From talking to people like you we understand managing, tracking and reporting on a specific area of business is the utmost priority and others can be handled down the road.  We are happy […]

Track Your Business Tuesday (Consistent Estimating)

Having software to build estimates has several benefits.Makes sure all aspects of the estimate are taken into accountSaves time and gets the estimate in front of the customer quickerAllows for easy revisions and tracking the revisionsCan compare against previous estimates vs actual to create more profitable estimatesStreamlines the review / approval processSpud’s PACManager software includes […]

Track Your Business Tuesday (Project Tracking)

Having software to setup and track your projects has several advantages.Makes sure projects are setup and stay in line to match your processesEnables resource (people / equipment) allocation and planningProvides real-time and accurate project status and WIP reports / dashboardsAutomatic notifications based on KPI, SLA, project status and profit triggersEnables project analysis based on people, […]

Track Your Business Tuesday (Quote Builder)

Having software to create and track your quotes has several advantages.Takes less time to create a quoteQuotes are consistentAutomatic tracking and sets up follow up actionsProvides more analytics of what is getting approved versus not sellingSaves time by integrating with DocuSign or similar software for signaturesIntegrates with inventory to tag items as possibly sold / confirm […]

Track Your Business Tuesday (Sales Meetings)

Weekly sales meetings are important and the time spent in the meeting needs to be effective.  I have seen too many meetings where people are arguing about the data being accurate or there being no data and just a group of sales people stating, they have a lot of “irons in the fire”.  This is […]

Track Your Business Tuesday (Marketing)

Whether you do your marketing in house or outsource it, the first thing that must be done is set your KPIs / goals.  For example, if you are spending money on Google Ads you want to make sure you are doing the following.Setup a Google Analytics accountLink your Google Ads account to your Google Analytics accountSet your […]

Track Your Business Tuesday (Working Remote)

Whether you are new to having employees working remote or have been doing it for years, we (management / leadership) all get that feeling of concern if our team is putting in the hours.  We have found that most people are putting in the effort and in some cases even more productive working remote.  Depending […]

Track Your Business Tuesday (Inventory)

Inaccurate inventory data can cost you.  Tracking inventory offers many opportunities to save money and just as many to throw money to the wind.  When reviewing your inventory tracking process here are some points to consider: The time spent maintaining the inventory.  Is it as simple as possible and collecting only information that is needed or […]

Track Your Business Tuesday (Dashboards)

Dashboard reports are similar to great pieces of art with one huge exception. When looking at a piece of art whether it is a painting or sculpture it ultimately moves you by giving you inspiration, drive or awe. A well defined dashboard report should do the same. It should inspire you to continuously improve your business or […]