Business Efficiency

Improve Business Efficiency With Better Data Input

Improve Business Efficiency With Better Data InputWhen it comes to running a business, speed is essential, especially when it comes to data entry. That’s where the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) comes in handy.This Thursday we will be holding a meetup showing you how you can use the latest technologies to improve speed and decrease costs of managing your …

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Cost of Bugs

The Cost Of Bugs

In any software development project, bugs are a part of life. However, the sooner they are discovered and fixed, the less impact they have on your project’s success and, most importantly, the budget. Software development in years past was primarily “waterfall”, in which all of the details of the complete system were analyzed and collected …

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Spud Software

So Why Spud Software?

From time to time we get this question. What makes us different? Why should a business choose Spud Software? For nearly 20 years, we have been in the business of creating the software that businesses run on. We have had the opportunity to work with all size clients from startups to Fortune 500 companies. While …

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