Evolution Of Mobile Apps

Creating mobile maps is a big piece of our operation. One of the biggest challenges we encounter is keeping up with the curve — what’s new or what’s trending? Mobile apps, and mobile in general, for this matter, are constantly changing. Therefore we diligently put in the time and effort to research what is happening in …

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The Pink Fund

Teaming Up For a Pink Cause

Last month, while they were at a networking event, two members of the Spud Team met the founders of The Pink Fund.  We had never heard of the organization before, but it did not take long for us to understand just how important the non-profit’s work really is. The Pink Fund helps women diagnosed with breast cancer, who are unable to work, …

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Is Your Information Safe

Is your information safe?

Encryption has one specific purpose, to prevent third parties from stealing sensitive data. It is there to protect you and your customers, if you are in business. Data Encryption protects your data in storage, and keeps unauthorized users from reading it. This is basically how it works.  Encryption software executes an algorithm that encrypts data so that it is not …

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