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Your business is unique and your software should be as well.  We have experienced countless counteractive scenarios with our clients who have first opted to purchase an off-the-shelf SaaS solution only to realize that it made things worse.  The true costs of “one size fits all” workflow solutions can be described in the following scenario:
Say that you are a company with 5 to 200 employees and need a workflow software.  There are plenty of options ranging anywhere from $79 per month, per user, on up.   After researching and trying several “free” trial versions, you find one that solves your big problems and decide to go with product XYZ.
So far you have spent weeks researching various products and trying different systems, have been bombarded with sales pitch emails and phone calls from providers, and most likely involved several of your team members for input.  For all intents and purposes, you are confident you have picked the right software and it is time to launch your XYZ solution.

 The launch of XYZ

Now you have your entire company together and announce this new, attractive software will be used to run your company.  Needless to say, no one likes change, but let’s assume everyone is on board and supporting the idea. During the roll out, scenarios start appearing that XYZ is unable to handle so you have to make one of the subsequent choices:

  1. Upgrade with another $49+ per month, per user, causing you to wipe out your budget with a “Band-Aid” fix that is unlikely to fix the problem or be the last upgrade that you will need
  2. Quickly change the way that your business has been running to fit the software, provoking more confusion and the potential of down streaming issues
  3. Use another software to support XYZ’s deficits, then try to integrate the software with XYZ, which will add costs, training and risk having reports that are outdated or incomplete
  4. Start a manual process outside the software which will likely be the beginning of the end.  Once this door is metaphorically opened and can not be fixed, there will be domino effect in which other processes will be done outside the software and you will never have real time accurate reporting

Post Launch of XYZ

You are in too deep now to turn back.  Product XYZ made you change some processes and spend a little more per month than expected, but not all of your data is in XYZ. In addition, you still have a couple of manual processes, so data is entered more than once.  This is when it really starts to get expensive.  You are making business decisions based on partial and incomplete data, leading to heavy costs where you actually need to hire additional staff (or pay significant overtime) instead of keeping labor costs down and increasing productivity and generating profit.

Six Months Later

This is the distressing part of the scenario.  You realize that your reports are in disrepair, there are additional employees that are not using XYZ and the processes you tried to change to fit the software were critical to the business yet are no longer being tracked in XYZ.  After all the research, training, team meetings, struggling with the software, changing processes, and making poor business decisions because of bad data, it turns out that the software “fix” is significantly more expensive than $128 per month, per user.Because we have seen this happen to many of our clients over the years, we are extremely passionate about finding a solution that works for your company.  Call Spud Software and let’s build a system that compliments your business, reduces costs and makes everyone happy.

If you or your company struggle with efficient, cost effective processes, let us see if we can help with PAC. Feel free to reach out to us at 810-695-0001 with any questions regarding the process. Or visit our website at https://www.pacmanager.com.