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We create Great Software

We expect a lot from our team members and we make sure they are taken care of.

More than Great Pay and Benefits

At Spud, our team members expect more than just great pay and benefits.  Some of the additional benefits of working at Spud are:

Our Flex Time Versus the Other Guys

When Spud says we offer flex time, we mean true flex time. We have team members that work four 10-hour days, others that work 6 to 7-hour days over six days. We even have some team members that only work 35-ish hours a week, because that is what they want to do. We have team members that come in before the sun comes up and others that roll in around lunch time. Our team members come and go as needed based on their personal lives. For example, if they have activities with their family, need to stay at home and wait for the plumber, or are just feeling under the weather and want to sleep it off, they just do it.

Spud has a very simple philosophy: As long as the job is getting done right and done on time, we don’t care where the work is done. With that said, all our team members do live local and do come into the office as needed. After all, working from home isn’t for everyone. Some people need to come into the office to be the most productive, not to mention utilize the team camaraderie and in-house brain trust.

Spud Casual

Spud doesn’t believe wearing a suit, a tie, or even khakis make a person smarter, more productive or more respectable. We believe comfort is king. For that reason, we encourage people to wear what is comfortable and makes them the most productive, whether that is shorts and sandals or that special t-shirt with holes in it that is only worn on code launch days. We want people comfortable, happy and productive. Note: We are respectful of our client’s dress codes when going to their business for meetings, etc. For that reason, you may want to keep a pair of khakis and a golf shirt in the car if you ever need to go onsite.

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