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All the locations our custom software solutions have been implemented.

Video Testimonials

We appreciate these people taking time to share with everyone their experience of working with Spud Software.

(listed in alphabetical order)



Company Information
ACDelco (in 1999) needed a web based, instructional video to educate users at their retail outlets on the key features and functionality of their new Internet Parts system.  

Business Needs
They had not completed any system documentation and they needed the instructional video within one month in order to meet the launch date.

Spud Software leveraged its automotive parts expertise on staff to review the system, develop the script for the audio and graphic portions of the video, develop the narrative and the graphics, and complete the video integration within a month. 




Partnering with MSX International (ACDelco’s engineering services supplier), Spud Software developed ACDelco’s first electronic composition system to automate the generation of multi-language and region specific International Parts Catalogs.  The project was awarded to Spud Software due to our unique solution for parsing raw parts data from ACDelco’s engineering database and composing in the horizontally aligned format used by retail automotive parts catalogs.




Company Information
America’s Premiere Realty is a mid-Michigan realtor that also provides mortgage loan services to ensure customers the very best experience whether they are buying, selling or financing property.  To accommodate their custom business, America’s Premiere Realty needed a website and office management system to improve their customer service abilities.

Business Needs
Spud Software has worked with America’s Premiere Realty since 2002, delivering custom programming, design, and network support.

To meet these needs, Spud Software developed Realty Tracker, a custom software solution that tracks and reports on the company’s realty transactions, leads, sales and advertising.  It also serves as an employee management system, allowing administrators to create and maintain employee records and associate them with real estate transactions.  Custom reporting tools include yearly production reports, realty transaction reports and yearly production reports for all or individual realtors.

As the company’s business expanded, so has their software.  Spud Software recently expanded their management system to include a second, unique system to track business in Tennessee.

Spud Software also developed a custom website that integrates with America’s Premiere Realty’s home listing and quoting software to allow buyers to search for homes and request mortgage and financing quotes.




Company Information
Specializes in the custom, award winning designs and construction of outdoor living spaces, decks, patios & hardscapes, sunrooms, porches, shade structures, outdoor kitchens, and fire features.

Business Needs
Streamline on-site sales visit process, reduce the amount of product catalogs physical copies needed for a sales visit, and to send a follow-up email to clients as shortly after a sales visit as possible containing images of products that the potential customer showed interest in during an on-site sales visit. In order to stay competitive, the client wanted to show potential customers that they were dealing with a company that used modern technology and to offer customers a better overall shopping experience.  

We created an iPad (iOS) only app for presenting products offered by Archadeck/Outdoor Living Brands, such as sun rooms, shades, screened rooms, pergolas, outdoor kitchens, hardscapes (stone walkways), gazebos, decks and accessories.  The app was two very large photo galleries of product images and material choices.
Users added images to the app via iTunes.  Users had access to the “Media” section of the app and were able to add new albums to the galleries, as well as add the desired images to those albums.  They could easily swap out existing information with updates from the corporate office.
The app acted like a CRM for managing potential clients.  It also helped the sales people, as they no longer needed to carry multiple product catalogs with them on their sales calls.

Technical Details
Enterprise iOS app. Mini-CRM. Integrated sales follow-up PDF builder. Email functionality.




Company Information
Blue Water Importers started over 20 years ago when owner, Jack Dempsey, began purchasing vehicles in Canada for sale in the US. As time went on, Blue Water took over the transport of the vehicles, the work of conforming them to DOT requirements, and titling. Today, Blue Water specializes in the conformity and transport of vehicles for other dealers. With a team of just under twenty people, they process approximately 1,000 vehicles a month and counting. As demand has spread, Blue Water, currently located in Burton, MI, is pursuing plans to open additional locations in several other States in the Midwest and Northeast regions.

Business Needs
Blue Water Importers came to us needing a system that did vehicle tracking, document generation, barcode creation and scanning, email automation, document archival, reporting, invoicing, shipping management, and business process communication.

The Blue Water business processes fall into the main areas of Order setup, Importation, Vehicle Check-In, Title Processing, Recall Repair/Documentation, Instrument Panel Modification, DOT Conformity, Outbound Processing, and Invoicing. Each of these processes requires labor-intensive activities including customer interaction, contact management, VIN verification, vehicle data entry, legal vehicle classification, customs duty calculation, document creation, emailing, document archival, barcode label printing, barcode reading, document cross-referencing, vendor selection, creating shipping labels, taking and printing pictures, instrument panel tracking, odometer reading verification, discussions with book keeper, report creation, invoice creation, bill of lading creation, and bond tracking. Although Blue Water specializes in the above activities and performs them with skill and expediency, the volume of vehicles they can handle is restricted by the time it takes to perform and organize these business activities.

We were able to identify each type of entity that Blue Water interacts with, as well as their government requirements and job functions, and then detail each business process with the manager of those activities. Not only does this include identifying how daily operations are performed, but also pinpointing the desired result of each activity, employee opinion on the process, pain-points, and bottlenecks involved. All of the processes and decision points were identified in a “vehicle life cycle” flowchart which was modified to streamline the existing process, force adherence to preferred business processes, and incorporate value-add business activities Blue Water wanted to incorporate into their business process. We then looked for places to automate the system. Any time a process showed to be consistent, we had an instant opportunity to do this, and when decisions were made the same way on a regular basis, we had strong potential to automate here as well. After creating the road map of what Blue Water wanted, we began work on a web application that supported all of those activities.

Technical Details
The new system utilized security to allow both clients and employees’ access to their respective site functions. In order to give employees more time in the field we built the system to automatically assign bonds to vehicles and alert the importation manager if any special attention was needed to the bond or shipment of the vehicle, generate and send documentation emails to the custom brokers, and send manifests to the drivers. Using Optical Character Recognition (OCR), a local application was created to scan specific email accounts as well as network folders. This application pulls any new documents, scans them with OCR, and presents them to the appropriate team for verification. The team at Spud Software also created a way to build invoices automatically as vehicles undergo various activities. This process gave employees the capability to select a group of vehicles that are complete, send the invoice data to Quick Books through an API, and do so in such a way that invoices are automatically generated for each customer containing all vehicles and associated itemized charges. Another API was implemented to automatically print FedEx labels for title shipment. Another concern Blue Water had was keeping their employees on the move, so we built a mobile app that gave them the ability to work in the field. Personnel now has the ability to photograph vehicles, enter additional vehicle data, and print barcode labels from a mobile printer. Furthermore, the mobile app has the ability to take photos for DOT Conformity and automatically uploads them to the web server and stores them with the appropriate VIN. These photos are later printed along with all other DOT Conformity documentation that has been collected or generated for each vehicle.




Company Information
Brand Labs creates custom Volusion solutions for manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers. They pride themselves on the development of unique eCommerce sites that meet their clients’ very specific needs — even when those needs extend beyond the world of eCommerce. For example, they can integrate Volusion with third party applications, even your own proprietary ones, allowing you to use Volusion as a hub for your entire business. As a matter of fact, they’ve become so good at what they do that they’ve become Volusion’s Enterprise Solution Partner, helping them to meet the needs of their larger retailers.

Business Needs
Brand Labs was in need of talented developers. To meet their customer deadlines, Spud Software stepped in to assist with their projects. Spud software was able to work with the Brand Labs team, so much so that Spud Software worked as an extension of their team. Spud’s team attended meetings, used their software version control, and collaborated with their developers to meet customer expectations

Spud software provided support in the following ways:

  • Existed as part of their team
  • Used their software version control
  • Collaborated with their lead developers



Business Needs 
The e-commerce site was very user-friendly for the company itself, but very convoluted for their end users.

Spud Software took over the existing e-commerce site, redesigned it and updated the content to make it searchable for end users. We were able to help them manage not only the look of the site, but also how their content interacted with the search within the system itself.



Company Information

The Campus Drive story began at Mount St.Mary’s, where all three co-founders attended the university and played on the Mount tennis team. The Mount is a small school in a rural region of Maryland, about one hour northwest of Baltimore. Campus Drive strives to bring a safe transportation service to college students who are under-served by the current ride-share market. Campus Drive is the newest ride-share app that brings students together by promoting safety, convenience, and affordability on college campuses. 

Business Needs

Campus Drive wanted to create a safe, easy solution for ride and drive services aimed specifically at college students. They needed a public facing website and management portal, but more importantly, a flexible mobile app that could be used to connect riders and drivers while providing a simple solution to the resulting transactions.


Spud Software was able to collaborate with Campus Drive and create an entire business solution, including an Administrative portal for managing users, driver applicants, tracking activity, a public facing website, as well as mobile apps available through Android and iOS. Spud Software utilized Xamarin, which creates a responsive cross platform development that utilizes native device functionality. 
The solution also features a variety of 3rd Party integrations:

  • Google APIs and Mapping technology
  • Stripe Connect for payment and payroll processing
  • OneSignal for push notifications
  • GPS location tracking
  • Edmunds vehicle VIN decoding
  • Accurate Background for automating background checks

This solution was also built on a fully scale-able cloud architecture within the Microsoft Azure platform to allow for flexible scaling during peak demands. 




Company Information
Cardinal Machine Company provides equipment and service to a global base of automotive and non-automotive customers. Established in 1972, the privately owned Michigan Corporation has emerged as a world-class machine builder and systems integrator.

Cardinal Machine Company takes pride in offering their customers simple, reliable, maintainable and durable solutions to the most complex manufacturing challenges. They strive for unparalleled excellence in the machine building and systems integration field. They utilize the latest technological advancements, a clean and modern facility, and experienced staff, to reach their ultimate goal of 100% customer satisfaction.

Business Needs
Cardinal Machine had an Access based system and tasked Spud Software to replace this with a web based software solution that would have the same functionality as the MS Access, plus additional features. 

Spud Software worked with the client to go through their current business processes, Access database, reporting requirements and future business goals in order to assess the functionality requirements of the new system.  Spud designed a new system which incorporated both the old features as well as new requirements. The system allows for the tracking of sales leads, quotes to customers, PO reconciliation, job set up, task allocation and tracking, part details management, bill of materials management, vendor invoice scheduling, customer invoicing, employee time entry / reconciliation, vacation request approvals, expense approval and categorization, complex reporting and integration for expense logging, reimbursement, and invoicing. The solution also has portals built in for their clients and vendors that allow them to securely share documents and manage RFQs and POs.  The functionality is performed with a minimum of data re-entry.  Business rules are enforced according to where in the business process a particular task is in its life-cycle. 




Business Needs
Chrysler was looking to improve the performance of their complex tire and wheel assembly operation.

Spud Software designed and delivered a system solution that addressed production efficiency, quality assurance , and system stability. The solution converted them from a Cobol based system to a Microsoft based solution with a fully redundant environment to ensure uptime. The application included several features that improved production and quality: A just-in-time inventory management system, vehicle specific inventory selection prompts, built in quality validation checkpoints, and an imaging system that provided an additional visual quality check.




Business Needs
Dee Cramer needed a more modern scheduling process. They were working with spreadsheets and handwritten documents, which resulted in many phone conversations and a dependency on the right people to communicate details in order for everything to run smoothly.

We were able to centralize the process in a web application so various people within the company could utilize the system. This new system allowed the user to schedule drivers, trucks, and trailers in a complex manner, since the same driver could be using multiple trucks that would also switch between multiple trailers throughout the day. Tracking was also vital, so the system showed what product was in which truck or trailer, where it was located, who needs to load the product, and where each product, truck or trailer was at any given time. They could also facilitate maintenance and make sure everything was available when it was needed, as well as get any resources needed for the maintenance request. Spud Software also included automated alerts in the system based on proximity quick notifications.




Company Information
Diplomat Pharmacy, Inc. operates as an independent specialty pharmacy in the United States. The company stocks, dispenses, and distributes prescriptions for various biotechnology and specialty pharmaceutical manufacturers. It also provides specialty infusion pharmacy, patient care coordination, clinical, compliance and persistency programs, patient financial assistance, specialty pharmacy training/consulting, benefits investigation, prior authorization, risk evaluation and medication strategy, retail specialty, and hub services, as well as clinical and administrative support services to hospitals and health systems. The company’s primary focus is on medication management programs for individuals with complex chronic diseases, including oncology, immunology, hepatitis, multiple sclerosis, specialized infusion therapy, and various other serious or long-term conditions. Diplomat Pharmacy, Inc. has 16 pharmacy locations in Arizona, California, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, North Carolina, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. The company was founded in 1975 and is headquartered in Flint, Michigan. Diplomat has approximately 1,565 employees.  

Diplomat is the nation’s largest independent specialty pharmacy.  They work with the entire health care ecosystem to connect patients who have chronic and rare conditions to medication, information and funding.  Their high-touch and uniquely personal approach is backed by exceptional results in patient satisfaction, prescriber satisfaction, adherence rates and more.  They believe in collaborating with payors, prescribers and pharmaceutical companies to provide the best possible patient support.


Spud Software improved their patient care process by designing a system architecture that integrated Diplomat Pharmacy’s system, a new patient care system (developed by Spud), their accounting system, UPS’s system and several other downstream applications.  Spud also performed detailed patient care process analysis, documented the company’s process steps and translated them into a standardized automated patient care system.   Phase 1 was complete in 4 months.
This resulted in the company’s patient volumes increasing over 200% within 6 months of launching the software and the e-based services being offered to health insurance companies and physicians.  Shipping costs were reduced by 25% and hardcopy document storage was reduced by a 25:1 ratio.




Company Information
C & L Ward is Michigan’s top provider of home improvement products and services and largest dealer of Andersen® windows and patio doors. Founded in 1972, C & L Ward is a family-owned and operated corporation that is strongly committed to complete customer satisfaction.

Business Needs
C&L Ward was looking to arm their field staff with comprehensive sales related information organized in a way that helped drive consistent, effective presentations to customers.

Spud Software developed a mobile app that puts the key information at their fingertips, including presentation sequencing and key content about their products, installation methods, testimonials and more.




Company Information
FKM USA provides its automotive clients with world class rollers for processing rolls of steel.  Having a long life cycle, the rollers are periodically inspected, reconditioned, and redeployed.


  1. Roll Tracker – Spud Software developed a software that enables FKM to track and record the specifications, inspections, and deployment usage of the rolls.  The system is web based as well as being tablet friendly to enable anywhere, anytime updates. The software also includes a secure portal view for FKMs clients to be able to view real time information about the condition and history of their roles.
  2. Knowledge Base – Spud Software developed a web based application that enables FKM to leverage the expertise of their global staff to reduce engineering and manufacturing problem resolution cycle times.  Problems are logged in the system and assigned to key personnel across FKM’s global business units.  Resolutions are captured and best practices are established for future use.



Company Information
Flint Fresh is a non-profit market whose mission is to bring sustainable access to healthy food to the Flint community by increasing their access, affordability, and personal responsibility, while also helping local farmers and growers.

Business Needs

As a non-profit working to bring awareness of healthy and accessible local food to the Flint community, the Flint Fresh team needed a mobile application that would help drive consumer awareness and usage. The app needed to send out notifications, promotions, and rewards to consumers, as well as allow them to complete an assortment of objectives in order to earn rewards and/or discounts to be used at their next visit to the Flint Fresh Mobile Market.

Spud developed a web application that controls the content of a mobile app that was developed with the goal of driving consumers to the Mobile Market through the mean of notifications, promotions, and rewards. The web application allows the Flint Fresh team to create campaigns for the mobile app. Campaigns allow the consumer to complete the objective and earn a predetermined reward to spend at the Mobile Market. The Campaign objectives consisted of taking a survey or watching educational videos to earn a reward that was created by the Flint Fresh team in the web application. The Flint Fresh team can upload a video to the web application and associate the video to be viewable on the app, part of a campaign or archive it for a later time. The surveys are uploaded in CSV format by the Flint Fresh team that will be sent out on a campaign in a question wizard on the app. The web application has the option to download the results of the surveys that have been submitted and the campaigns that have been completed to track trends.

Driven by consumer notifications, promotions, and rewards, the web application allows the Flint Fresh team to create campaigns for the mobile app. The consumers are able to complete objectives in order to earn predetermined rewards to spend at the Mobile Market, and these objectives consist of things such as taking surveys or watching educational videos. The Flint Fresh team has the ability to upload videos to the web app and associate the video to be viewable on either the app, part of the campaign, or they can archive it for a later time. Surveys can be uploaded in CSV format to be sent out on a campaign in a question wizard through the app, downloaded to show the results of surveys and completed campaigns in order to track trends.

The Flint Fresh Mobile Market team now has the tool needed to help bring awareness to their program through the access of a mobile app.

  • Ability to reach out to the consumer audience without tracking the individual consumers
  • Ability to create and track campaign rewards
  • Ability to track trends in consumer activity, trends from surveys, campaigns completion, trends in coupon rewards



Company Information
The NAFTA program for importing parts represented an opportunity for GM to save millions in tariff costs annually as well as an opportunity to get preferential treatment for its trucks at border crossings.  The challenge: It required full compliance with the U.S. Customs Harmonized Tariff Classification reporting requirements.  

Partnering with MSX International and GM’s Customs Brokers, Spud Software designed and developed GM’s Electronic Classification Reporting Database (ECRD).  Our ECRD solution included tools that allowed their engineers to quickly identify and record the key specifications of a part, associate the part’s attributes with the corresponding rate listed in the US Customs tariff schedule, and create the necessary documentation to meet NAFTA compliance requirements.




Company Information
Michigan Lung is committed to providing comprehensive, compassionate and patient-focused care for all of their patients and their families. Michigan Lung and Critical Care Specialists’ physicians, nurse practitioners, sleep technologists, and respiratory therapists continue to educate themselves in order to provide the most up-to-date treatment options and their efficient, friendly and professional staff works hard to make every patient’s visit to Michigan Lung and Critical Care Specialists as hassle-free as possible.

Business Needs
Method for collecting sleep apnea patient data in an out-of-lab setting and the ability to review collected data efficiently and effectively.

If you are waking up tired in the morning, perhaps you could be one of the 18 million Americans who suffer from sleep apnea. Obstructive sleep apnea is blockage of the airway during sleep, which can have serious life-shortening consequences such as high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke.
In an attempt to make things easier for the growing number of people who have suspected sleep apnea, two board- certified sleep physicians with a pulmonary/critical care/sleep disorders medical practice in Grand Blanc, Michigan have been researching and developing a method of testing for sleep apnea using a smart phone.  Dr. Mark Rittenger and Dr. Gregory Streff, of Michigan Lung and Critical Care Specialists, have teamed with Spud Software to create an app designed to use with a smart phone and simplify the testing process.  Nocturnal Polysomnography, or sleep study, is usually done in a sleep lab, with the patient hooked up to wires, and monitored during sleep by a sleep technologist.  Many patients are unable or unwilling to have an in-lab study, or their insurance company may only cover a home sleep test.  This new medical application will allow patients to do the testing outside of the lab, with the data being recorded via an Android device and the data is then uploaded and sent to the physician for interpretation. 

Spud Software was able to create a two-fold solution, first creating an app that the patients themselves could use, and then creating an administrative website that the staff at Michigan Lung and Critical Care Specialists could use to view results. After logging into the app, signing the HIPPA waiver, and doing a pre-sleep survey, the patient would hook up leads and wires that capture different readings such as the bodies’ electrical signals and oxygen levels. When the patient woke after the study, the patient would have another interaction with the app to take a post-sleep survey and then the information would be sent to the administrative site for reporting.
Doctors and sleep technicians had the ability to view the patient’s data in order to decide if they were suffering from sleep apnea. This was especially useful to patients that were homebound and truckers that are constantly on the road, but are required by the industry to take the test yearly for insurance purposes.

With the In-Home Sleep Study Software, Spud Software developed a proprietary out-of-lab sleep study software app that will enable patients to take a “lab quality” sleep study in the comfort of their own homes. Sleep apnea is a very serious condition that can lead to bigger problems such as high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke. If we can increase the amount of people willing to take the tests by simplifying the procedure, then we have hit our goal.

  • Simplifying the Procedure – Patients receive a case-protected Android phone with the app pre-installed and instructions for use.
  • Helping the Uninsured – The app can help the uninsured or those whose insurance won’t cover sleep tests
  • Automated Results – The data is automatically recorded onto the phone and then sent to the physician.
  • Home Comfort – The app allows patients to have a sleep study from the comfort of their own home.

Technical Details
Android app designed to support a custom-made circuit board and wiring harness for collection of patient data. CMS website for managing patient profiles, staging and scoring recorded sleep data, and doctor’s report generation.




Company Information
In a cooperative effort in 1970, the city of Grand Blanc, charter Township of Grand Blanc and the Grand Blanc Community Schools formed the Grand Blanc Parks and Recreation Commission. The Commission operated as a part-time department until 1975, when it became a full-time operation. 

The Parks and Recreation Commission is responsible for operating and maintaining Creasey Bicentennial Recreational Complex and the newly renovated Grand Blanc Senior Activity Center. In winter months, when weather permits, they maintains the ice rink at Physician’s Park and the sledding hill at Creasey Bicentennial Park. Currently, the Grand Blanc Parks and Recreation Commission employs six full time staff, and depending on the time of year, an additional 50 – 125 seasonal and part-time employees.

A website was created that allowed Grand Blanc Parks & Rec to enter new programs that were being offered into the system so that users could sign up and pay for them. Users were able to create an account, register for classes or events, and pay for them all in one place. Once this was done an alert was sent out to the staff. The site also had functionality in place to limit the registration so that if only 25 classes were available, a 26th person could not join. It integrated with Stripe so that people could actually pay for the classes there.  It sent out confirmation emails and alerted the Grand Blanc Parks & Rec staff that you had a registration.  It basically just allowed them to manage their entire Parks & Rec program system right through their website.  



Grant Mccarthy
Grancy Mccarthy Preview

Business Needs
A member of their staff was using a custom developed Microsoft Access based application to calculate net operating loss tax values based on provided company information.  Grant McCarthy was looking to expand this application into a software as a service system in a web-based platform, but previous attempts to migrate the application to the web had failed.

We created an app for the corporate tax website that allows large companies to go in on a state by state basis, look back and determine what their net losses would be, and refile previous year tax rebates on net operating losses that may have expired or were not used correctly. The app also allows the user to look forward and view what their net operating loss is as they import their data, and when the best time would be to claim those taxes. This was redeveloped as a fully web-based application, allowing it to be taken to market as a software-as-a-service tool. What he will be able to do is, his team can still manage an individual’s tax records, import their data and run it, but the end reports that people need to actually do the refile are things that the end-users of the different corporations would be able to run themselves.  It is targeted towards large to very large corporations operating on a national scale.




Company Information
Helping Hand Home Healthcare is a family owned business established in 1973 and has grown to become one of Michigan’s largest home care providers. They have achieved both ACHC and CHAP accreditation because they are dedicated to providing the highest quality of health services.
They believe that all of their clients are entitled to live with dignity and that it is their job to ensure that they are able to do so in an environment of utmost health and respect. Helping Hand Home Healthcare maintains a family oriented approach designed to meet the needs of the client and family, together as a unit.

Business Needs 
Reporting system to track data from their current system to track internal data and customer data. Specialized reports were needed to track certain data, the allocation based on criteria and movement of critical data. Helping Hand’s needs of reporting on critical data will help manage and scope out future business needs, expenses, moves and forecast business plans based on the reports.

Their current business software did not have the ability to produce the report Helping Hands is looking for. They reached out to us to build the custom reports off of their current database. The reports are specifically based on certain criteria and user input within their current software.

Create enterprise reports to support Helping Hand see the movement of data and forecast based on the reporting data. We built a report option using SQL Server Reporting Services to allow them to pull the report needed in real time. The report was completely custom built to their specifications.

Technical Details
We used SSRS to run reports against their preexisting database from their current software.




Company Information
Ideal Machinery, Inc. has spent over 20 years building a company with a reputation for understanding the fast-paced climate of the industry. They make it a point to ship products quickly and from their beginning in machinery sales, to their current status as one of the world’s largest dealers of machinery and parts, they have done everything they can to satisfy their customers – and that has made Ideal Machinery, Inc. a force to be reckoned with in this industry.

Business Needs
Ideal machinery needed support for an existing database and API system in order to manage data
synchronization between two different online sales portals which share a common inventory.

Ideal Machinery has a website and database with an attached API, with the full system in PHP. Along with the website, Ideal Machinery also has an eBay site where they sell their products. The custom made API allows
the company to synchronize changes to the products automatically across both the website and eBay. For example, if the description were to be updated for a product, this change would automatically update in both
locations, synchronizing their inventory across platforms.

Spud Software provides support to maintain and update the WordPress site, e-Store, API for data synchronization, and related services. 

Technical Details

  • WordPress site with a large amount of custom coding and plug-in management.
  • Online e-store for hardware sales and support. 
  • Business eBay profile for hardware sales.
  • Custom API for inventory levels and data synchronization between WordPress e-Store and Business eBay profile



Spud Software recently worked with Jetpack Marketing, LLC in the development of CODE: a novel, mobile-based application to assist dealerships with the presentation, comparison, test drive, proposal and delivery phases of auto sales.

Utilizing a custom content management system, CODE consists of a specially-crafted database of extensive vehicle information (including competitive comparisons) and the mobile app that works in the challenging environment of dealership lots—which often do not have reliable internet access.

Another key is that all of this content is managed by Jetpack Marketing from their own cloud-based dashboard, also developed by Spud, which then distributes the data to iOS devices around the country.




Spud Software developed a comprehensive business system for managing Kan Rock’s tire and auto repair business from end to end, inclusive of:

  • Integrated inventory management features
  • Dynamic, market specific pricing controls
  • Year, make, model, tire data integration
  • Point of Sale interface
  • Coupon/incentive building tools
  • On-line tire pricing and appointment scheduling



Spud developed software that ran on the black box that was placed in cars with sensors throughout the vehicle and crash test dummies to measure impact data.

When crashing a brand new car for data collection you want to make sure you don’t miss the data. You only get 1 shot.

A lot of data in a very short time. A test crash is measured in milliseconds so there are hundreds of data points collected every second.




Spud Software developed a system that enabled Kistler to deliver better quality and performance for their automotive engine servos. The software receives a diagnostic data feed of compression rate values and analyzes the deviation rates versus the quality standard.  The performance of each cylinder is displayed in easy to use data formats as well as graphical displays that provide key performance alerts.  




Company Information
Since 1916, Koegel Meats has been synonymous with quality and value, with over thirty-five different products available. Their products are still made with the same recipes and processes that were used back in the beginning. 

We are all about simple and our software was anything but.” – Jim Lay of Koegel Meats.

Business Needs
When Koegel Meats came to us, their process for returned stock was a system that had been written in the late 70’s with few updates since then. They were looking to update the application to current technology, but more importantly, they wanted the application to be mobile so employees could do stock from within the garage and warehouse, rather than having to bring all of the items into the room with the application terminal.

Spud was able to create an application that installed directly on a handheld scanner. This allowed employees checking in returned stock to scan and mark the reason for return efficiently directly from the garage. The app also aggregated all of the information and created detailed reporting. By doing this, Spud was able to replace a portion of their old system from the 70’s in order to streamline their process and make their tracking more effectual.




Business Needs
Lake management companies are required to provide detailed reports about their lake treatment activity to the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ).

Spud Software developed an end to end business system, inclusive of the ability to auto generate customized reports that meet each state’s DEQ requirements.




Company Overview
In 2014, LaserCoil introduced technology that challenges the very definition of modern metal processing.  As their processes and technology were revolutionary and the business was still in its beginning stages, LaserCoil was concerned about developing a successful marketing strategy without sharing too many secrets with potential competition.  They wanted a secure way to introduce prospective clients to their laser approach to high-volume blanking while demonstrating their ability to integrate their system into existing lines.

Spud Software provided LaserCoil with a website solution that allowed them a solid web presence while keeping their proprietary technology functionality secure.  Their website included a “Media” section that was password protected, giving LaserCoil the power to choose who was able to view their technology information.  In addition to password protection on access to their media information, the site also included password protection on file downloads to further ensure the security of information.

LaserCoil also requested a custom employee login portal where select LaserCoil employees could access, download and install their custom sales app complete with product overviews and specs.




Business Needs
The municipality needed a replacement for their old classic ASP site.  The site had grown to an unmanageable size and they no longer had any developers on staff to make updates or maintain the site.  

They began a project through another company creating a WordPress. After a year of the project going nowhere, they reached out to Spud.

Spud Software provided management and organizational support for the project in addition to finalizing the development and launching the site.  We worked with all of the departments in the municipality to gather content and requirements to populate and publish the site.  The new site can be maintained by the support staff within the municipality and was reduced from over 900 pages to 100 pages of content by reorganizing the site and eliminating outdated content.




Business Needs
Lumasmart lighting had developed unique LED lighting solutions and was interested in rebranding their identity to better capture their industry leading technology and advantages. 

Spud Software designed and launched an entire new website inclusive of enhanced messaging and content. 




Company Information
As one of the oldest and largest sub-specialty Urology practices in the State of Michigan, Michigan Institute of Urology (MIU) is dedicated to providing patients the most up to date, state of the art urologic care. Their specialists have been recruited from the most sophisticated university centers in the United States and are available at all 22 office locations. MIU’s administrative staff follows strict guidelines to insure the most cost effective medical care is provided. Michigan Institute of Urology, P.C., is comprised of 46 General and Fellowship Trained Urologists with a complement of compassionate, caring Nurse Practitioners, Registered Nurses, Medical Assistants and Ancillary Personnel.

Business Needs
To provide a proof-of-concept demo app for use at trade-shows.

MIU was in search of a method for tracking patients within medical facilities that could supplement existing system. Partnering with Industry Scope, MIU had a vision of a product which could be resold to other medical facilities for managing patient billing codes using a lite-weight mobile app which could also be used to notify on-premises care providers of an emergent situation with a patient at a given facility.

Spud created an iOS app and website which were to be primarily used for managing patient rounds in medical facilities.  The purpose was to give visiting doctors an order of operations when they showed up at a given facility of who they needed to see in what sequence. Administrators could do push communications that went out across all the users of the app.  That way, if a patient was going into an emergent situation the user could push a notification to the doctor saying “If you’re within this active patient care group at the facility you are assigned to at this time, you need to get to room ### stat”. The backend website managed the content of the application, allowing the user to add other users, patients and their data, as well as hospitals, their floor and their room information.  

We built a prototype system that MIU could then take to trade shows and demonstrations.  The demo provided flexibility and on-the-fly customizations such as allowing users to do drag-and-drop reordering of patients and allowed them to enter patient notes and apply billing codes to patient records. This software prototyping was built so that MIU could take the demo to trade shows. The demo also allowed the user to enter notes that stayed until the demo was complete.

Technical Details

  • iOS app for managing patients, patient rounds, and billing codes.
  • Administrative CMS website for adding new patients, adding in medical care facility information, system user administration, billing codes management, and End of Day report generation.



Business Needs
Spud Software was contracted by RL Fisher (NAPA’s training management company) to convert 16 major data bases to 2012 standards. 


Spud Software’s team of programmers performed the upgrade and also replaced several outdated data feeds and reporting routines with a comprehensive data exchange application.




Company Information
The NAFTA program for importing parts represented an opportunity for General Motors  to save millions in tariff costs annually as well as an opportunity to get preferential treatment for it’s trucks at border crossings. 

The challenge was that it required full compliance with the U.S. Customs Harmonized Tariff Classification reporting requirements. 

MSX International (GM’s engineering services supplier) and Spud Software were hired to collaboratively design and develop GM’s Electronic Classification Reporting Database (ECRD).  Our ECRD solution included tools that allowed their engineers to quickly identify and record the key specifications of a part, associate the part’s attributes with the corresponding rate listed in the US Customs tariff schedule, and create the necessary documentation to meet NAFTA compliance requirements.




Spud Software was contracted to develop mobile apps for processing anywhere, anytime payments via smart phones and tablets.  The app supports the sellers real time transactions for both their B2B and B2C business.




Business Needs
PLM Lake & Land Management was looking to replace their existing Access based business management system with a new system that helped capture the efficiencies available from today’s technology.  The functionality of the new system was intended to include features that support all functions performed in the business.

Spud Software developed a new business system that integrates customer accounts, contract generation, work scheduling, work orders, inventory, asset tracking, accounting, and automated reporting to the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ)




Business Needs
When the client came to us, their current website was having functionality issues. When a user accessed the site and tried to update their subscription, it would process the payment but it would not activate the subscription. Due to this error, the company had to process credit back to all of the subscribers that ran into the issue and manually update their subscription. Their site was down for three days at one point while they were trying to correct the problem.

They also were unable to sell physical products or event tickets online, had minimal security to the site, and the site was not interactive for the user.

We were able to step in and fix the payment issue in their site in under two hours. After that, we created a new site for them which gave strengthened security, allowed them to sell products and event tickets online, and added more interactive pieces like audio and videos for the users to view after log in. We developed the audio player as a site-wide application that allows users to play audio files that will continue playing while the user navigates through the site. For instance, if you were listening to the audio and decided you enjoyed the speaker, you could continue listening while you went to the purchase page to buy more audio from their series. We integrated UPS Vertex and Global One Pay and credit custom credit card payments which allows the system to do all of the subscription billing and even manage automatic retries.




Business Needs
Their old system was running three separate databases running 3 different versions of Microsoft SQL in-house, one of which was being expired by Microsoft.

Spud Software consolidated all of their databases into a single SQL 2012 server offsite, moved and tested the multitude of websites that they ran, improved their security, and redid all of their backend management processes to move them away from out of date DTS packages and into a processes that could be remotely managed. 




Spud Software worked with a Texas based Gas lift company to design a unique well control software.  Receiving current well condition data feeds from a locally running SCADA system, the software processes the data values against a set of proprietary well performance rules – and sends back automated well actuator commands to each of the wells components. 




Business Needs
Spud Software partnered with local business and marketing experts to develop a robust, easy-to-use communication tool that allows users to create and launch multiple communication campaigns across a variety of media formats. Using our Agile Approach, Spud Software worked with the client to design, develop, and launch this customized marketing tool.

Tell Ask Sell eliminates the fragmented tools needed to reach people by combining email, direct mail, sms, social (twitter® and facebook®), custom-branded Android® and Apple® apps and rich mobile surveys into an easy-to-use, highly customizable web-based suite. Today the Tell Ask Sell cloud-based software gives subscribers single-point control over their outreach campaigns. They can engage in meaningful dialogues with their audience, whether they’re consumers, employees, students, patients, whomever. And since the subscriber has multiple broadcast paths to precisely communicate, and the audience selects their path preference and lifestyle interests, Tell Ask Sell ensures a relevant, mutually desired exchange.




Business Needs
SendJim wanted to simplify customer follow-up with a software solution that automates their client’s responses to customers.

Joshua Latimer, founder of SendJim, originally approached an off-shore company to build the software in order to save on costs. With multiple undesired results, he then approached Spud Software and we were able to assist with the project requirements, implement, and roll-out the completed software with both reasonable pricing and timing. Spud Software excelled and provided more than just the step-by-step coding instructions you see from an off-shore company. SendJim needed a business automation tool for regular people. It was hand built for small business professionals as a way to increase their customer loyalty, follow up, and customer engagement. Their belief is “You don’t have time to follow up with every single prospect or client, but “Jim” does.”

Company Information
Joshua Latimer has a passion for helping small businesses recognize their potential through customer relations. He works with his clients to help them understand the importance of properly following up and engaging their biggest asset, their current customers, and to show them a clear path to more money and referrals simply by loving their clients better.

Spud Software continually works with SendJim to add more and more useful features to their software application. Here are the phases that have been completed so far:

Phase #1: Street Bidder
Sending Postcards and Emails on the move.
During this phase Spud Software built out both a web application and mobile apps for Android and iOS. It allowed a simple way for users to reach out to potential customers and also follow-up with current and potential customers by sending emails and postcards. To send a potential customer a quote, the user can take a picture of the house from the street, enter the address and pricing details in to the app, and with the click of a button send the customer a fully customized postcard.

Here is a feature list:
1. Photo editor for modifying pictures before sending mailings
2. You can “search” for previously captured customer information so you don’t have to type it in again
3. Added a “Find Me” button that auto locates you and saves time from typing in the street, city, state and zip codes.
4. Brand new and completely redesigned “Quick Send” feature.
5. Send emails in addition to postcards
6. You can set your postcards and emails to send immediately or at any future date
7. You can send multiple different mailings at once with a sequence all by pushing one button
8. You can buy credits inside the mobile app

Phase #2: Sending Gifts, Letters, and Greeting Cards

During this phase, we improved upon the software to include additional mailing types. For example, you can send brownies, gift cards, and popcorn to your customers. Or you can send them a custom letter or high quality greeting card.

Phase #3: Radius Bomb, Neighbor Mailing, and Integration Options

This has been the ultimate improvement! During this release Spud updated the software to do the following:
1. Radius Bomb: Using a satellite view map, draw a shape around any house or group of houses to automatically send them a mailing. We build a comprehensive address database that includes every mail-able address in the United States along with their location data. This has caused a lot of excitement among small business who can now target neighborhoods with mailings without sending out salespeople on foot.
2. Neighbor Mailing (Five-Around): Typically, a small business will walk to the nearest neighbors of a recent customer once the job is complete. Starting with this release the system can automatically send a custom mailing to the clients nearest neighbors! It can include a picture of the work done from the customer and testimonial.
3. Integration Options: API available to use with your favorite CRM. Within your CRM users can now send a Send Jim Mailing once a job is complete without having to log into the SendJim application separately. Users can also import their customer list from the CRM into SendJim with the click of a button.

Technical Details
Web application built using a .NET MVC Framework and SQL Server Database. The Android and iOS mobile apps are built in their respective native languages.




Company Information
Current and future investments and enhancements that include government and private partnerships and a new breed of transportation logistics services will further strengthen our reliability and quality control.  Health Care Reform will present new and unforeseen challenges but STAT considers these challenges as an opportunity to promote and grow its service in the Region.
Advances in their logistical and technological capabilities and continued focus on servicing skilled nursing facilities, hospital systems, and other predominant health care areas will attract new clientele and promote job growth in the State of Michigan.
Meanwhile, their professional relationships in the medical community at the local, State, and Federal level and the UAW Region 1D will continue to open up new and unforeseen opportunities.

We created a geo-locating app that allowed the user to see where calls generally came from and place ambulances near that location so that they could be the first to respond.




Business Needs
Tecnomagnete was seeking to implement a system that would automate and streamline the processes of quoting, placing, and tracking orders for the sales and services departments.

Spud Software has developed a system that will provide significant benefits in the following areas:

  • Improved efficiency through automatic generation of documents and centralization of data /documents. 
  • Improved workload visibility and timeliness through process driving work queues.
  • Improved consistency of documentation by establishing standard formats.
  • Reduced training time for employees to learn the business processes.
  • Improved access to historical documentation.
  • Improved commission management and payment 



Business Needs
Objective was to use gamification to engage employees in sharing quality and cost saving ideas.

Spud Software developed a concept for an engaging application that would encourage repeated use.
The proposed app included a game-like setting, status and achievement recognition and comprehensive reporting.
Key calls to action were designed to increase employee engagement in idea generation.




Company Information
The Pink Fund helps women diagnosed with breast cancer who are unable to work or get access to financial aid. The last thing anyone battling cancer should have to worry about is money; sadly, that is the reality for thousands of people.  
General Problem DescriptionThe Pink Fund already had a website, but they came to Spud in need of a web application that would accomplish two key goals:  

  1. Make the application process, which includes the up-loading of multiple documents, a more stream-lined, user-friendly experience for their clients.
  2. Make the entire process efficient for everyone from the client, to the dedicated Pink Fund staff, who sift through a huge number of documents to get clients processed. 

Spud Software provided The Pink Fund with a custom-built solution that was tailored to their needs and allowed for the management of applications and all necessary documentation. The solution allowed applicants to complete and submit application data and documents across multiple devices- PCs, Tablets, and Phones. The Pink Fund reviews the submitted information and can request additional details from the applicant or move the application along for review and approval, creating an electronic and streamlined process for everyone.




Business Needs
The company had an old system for internal applications and filling out pre-credit screenings and the old PHP application would not work with their upgraded server.

We went into the application and updated it to remove the outdated portions that were no longer supported by the newer version of PHP. In addition, we also added error trapping and other controls to make the flow of the program work better and be more stable.




Company Information
TMI Climate Solutions provides custom HVAC solutions, ranging from the rigorous extremes of a government research facility to the health concerns surrounding the indoor air quality in hospitals. TMI is committed to manufacturing and delivering the best custom manufactured solutions available today for worldwide applications. All divisions of TMI Climate Solutions provide a higher level of comfort backed by the Berkshire-Hathaway name.
TMI’s main office and manufacturing facility is located in Holly, Michigan. This facility houses their administrative, service, and production groups for their pure Custom Air Handlers, as well as Advanced Hydronics, Data Center and Custom DX products.

Business Needs
TMI Climate wanted a web based application to track customers, quotes, and reporting tools as their prior method was using an excessive amount of spreadsheets. The sheets were shared with the sales team, but were not linked to drive automation. Report spreadsheets were built by copy & paste or user input, so the need was to create a more user friendly process via a web application in order to store all data from one source, use prebuilt reports, and automate the data into the reports.  

The sales team was using a shared sheet to track their quoting data and customers. The sheets would not auto update and all data was entered by hand, resulting in employees needing to do manual updates which could take hours. In the process, the data would go missing, become repetitive, or be inconsistent due to spelling mismatches and use or misuse of certain data fields over another.

Spud Software created a web application to track quotes that had been built by the sales team. The user had the ability to create or update a quote data, which would manually update multiple points. Customers would not be created and tracked in the application, helping limit user input errors. A notification system was built to notify the user that one of their quotes had been updated or action had taken place on it. Users could send alert notifications to other users not included in the quote, and there was a notes tracking system for every quote through its life cycle. Once data was added into the system, the reports pulled the data down to manipulate it at generation and users could export excel files to manipulate it further if necessary.

Technical Details
The application was built in .NET with knockout.js for responsiveness for UX. There are many Ajax calls throughout the application to help data entry and limit mistakes to strengthen data integrity. We used C3.js library to build graphs into the application to visually display certain data based on provided criteria.




Toyota was seeking to improve their customer’s satisfaction with the vehicle delivery process.  The primary issues were the length of time it took to review the vehicles features with the customer and the inability of the customers to retain the knowledge.

Spud Software provided Toyota with a mobile app solution with the following key elements:

  • A library of content for all key vehicle features (Images, video, and text descriptions).
  • The time it takes to review each feature’s content is also clearly displayed.
  • The sales person then has the ability to custom select sets of features that each particular customer wants to review (with a known length of time).
  • The features selected for each set are then sequenced in a clockwise manner to be reviewed in one trip around the vehicle.
  • After the delivery review is complete, the customer is e-mailed a link where they can download the app so that they have easy access to their vehicle info at any time.
  • The app is supported by a back end content manager that allows Toyota to update the content independently at any time.



Company Information
For more than 9 years, VioPoint has been helping organizations effectively manage the challenges of protecting critical business data. They understand the value of delivering results and each of their core offerings (testing, compliance, vulnerability management, and monitoring) are focused on this simple goal.   VioPoint’s experience transcends a broad range of clients that include leading industry segments.
Organizations work with VioPoint because they want to accelerate security program performance and establish a foundation for continued success.  If you are struggling to quantify results and faced with the all too common challenge of selling silence, VioPoint can help.

Business Needs
VioPoint and their clients needed security solutions to handle multiple points of security standards. Their preexisting applications were in need of being updated, and new processes needed to be built to handle growth and customer needs. VioPoint needed reports that complied with client standards based and/or government regulation, reduced the number of vulnerabilities in their systems, and could be used to create a baseline to compare data. They also needed a PowerShell utility use cases to produce data based on specific criteria, which would then be updated and create a graphic representation of the report for the user. Different solutions were needed based on security vulnerabilities and scanning times.

VioPoint relied on PowerShell and Qualys to run their operations, as well as the operations of their clients. The existing PowerShell utility tools were in need of updates and a way to process new data. When VioPoint came to us, updates were needed that involved creating new reports and visual graphics in Excel so that user could quickly understand and process the data.

Spud Software utilized existing PowerSHell utilities and enhanced them to fit the needs of VioPoint’s clients. We expanded the functionality of the PowerShell Cmdlets to handle new use cases and adjusted existing use cases, and the utilities download data from both Qualys and Kenna. With the data from Qualys and Kenna, the utility would generate a report in either a CSV or Excel format. If CSV, it would list all of the data with column headers that the client had requested for that use case. The Excel format files would have multiple sheets, one for data similar to the CSV, and a second for visual charts. Charts varied from line graphs to stacked bar/column charts.

Technical Details
The utilities would call out to APIs for Qualys and Kenna through PowerShell commands using a web request and would then process the data to produce a CSV/Excel report. The Excel reports would contain charting of the data to show trends and the current status of the companies’ assets.




Company Information
For more than 9 years, VioPoint has been helping organizations effectively manage the challenges of protecting critical business data. They understand the value of delivering results and each of their core offerings (testing, compliance, vulnerability management, and monitoring) are focused on this simple goal.   VioPoint’s experience transcends a broad range of clients that include leading industry segments.
Organizations work with VioPoint because they want to accelerate security program performance and establish a foundation for continued success.  If you are struggling to quantify results and faced with the all too common challenge of selling silence, VioPoint can help.

Business Needs
VioPoint and their clients needed security solutions to handle multiple points of security standards. Their preexisting applications were in need of being updated, and new processes needed to be built to handle growth and customer needs. VioPoint needed reports that complied with required client standards based on government regulation, reduced the number of vulnerabilities in their systems, and could be used to create a baseline to compare data. They also needed PowerShell utility use cases to produce data based on specific criteria, which would then be updated and create a graphic representation of the report for the user. Different solutions were needed based on security vulnerabilities and scanning times.

VioPoint had a client needed to resolve multiple issues at once. They wanted to be able to feed their internal dashboard for live reporting of current data, while at the same time have a backup of their cloud Qualys/Kenna data.

Spud Software created a Windows service and a front end application (WPF app) that communicates via a Web API service. We built the functionality to pull data from Qualys and Kenna, and the Kenna data imported and merged with the Qualys data. The front end application sets up all of the settings for the applications, and communicates via a web service which has a self-hosted Web API service within it. The Windows service also has a self-hosted SignalR service. The user can manually start the process to download data through the SignalR service, whose communication channel was carefully designed for UX and responsiveness. The project included a SQL scripts, created to handle 11 different use cases that VioPoint’s clients needed. The scripts were given to VioPoint’s clients dashboard team in order to put it into their internal dashboard.

Technical Details
The front end application is a Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)application which communicated with the windows service in one of two ways, Web API or SignalR. Web API was used in order to create, read, update, or delete functions and windows service settings. SignalR was used to run a function outside of its scheduled runtime.

The Windows service handled the running of the functions, while Qualys functions would download all current data from the Qualys cloud and import the information into a temp table in the database. The data would then be prepared for the merge and merged into the rest of the data. Kenna functions would download all current Kenna data and store it in a temp table before merging the data into the correct Qualys Asset record. The Purge Data function cleaned out all of the data in the data warehouse based on company policies.




Company Information
On March 27th, 2013, Dennis Schaefer attended JLC Live, a national trader show for residential construction professionals. After speaking with other builders at the conference, Schaefer noted some frustration among his colleagues with the recent rise of Social Media Marketing. Large-sized construction and home improvement companies were taking advantage of social networks like Facebook, Porch.com and Houzz to advertise their work. Meanwhile, small business owners said they lacked the resources to reap the benefits of social media marketing. 

Being a licensed builder in the state of Michigan for more than 34 years, Schaefer understood their concern. Following the conference, Schaefer took out his binder and began jotting down some ideas for VisibleBuilder.com.
A year later, Schaefer shared his idea with our Spud developers and Visible Builder soon became a web-based program, capable of maintaining various social media profiles and handling daily posts for professionals in the construction industry. 
The initial reaction has been even better than expected…Everyone loves the concept and the program’s simplicity.” 

Spud Software worked with Visible Builder to develop an app that ties into their Social Media Management platform (also developed by Spud) that allows users to submit account updates via their mobile devices. These updates create online reviews on the most popular and Google searched sites and include the ability to upload images. The system also took and tracked payment and would discontinue user access if payment was overdue. 

Technical Details
1. Reputation Monitoring – Research on what’s being said about a client’s company online. 
2. Testimonial Harvesting – Builders will also be asked to submit email addresses, which are used for testimonial harvesting. Visible Builder contacts the client’s best customers to obtain testimonials, then posts to their various social networks. 
3. Local Search Assistance – Updating any outdated profile information on local search directories.  

  • The ability to take a picture or select from the phone’s gallery. 
  • Tracking and displaying the number of monthly updates a user has remaining. 
  • A simple, easy-to-use interface to make the process less intimidating for users.



Spud Software developed a data capture and data mining application for voter profile information.  Detailed demographic and geographic data can be entered and sorted using a dynamic query building tool.




Company Information
Zumu is an on-line trading platform that enables people to get cash for their unwanted stuff.  Spud Software collaborated with Zumu to design and develop the public facing website as well as the back end system for the market pricing tables, automated e-mail communications, USPS integration, and warehouse management system integration for order processing.

Spud Software also developed a mobile app for Android and IOS.  The app allows consumers to use a bar code scanner for more efficient price look ups as well as completing their trade