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Most business owners and managers acknowledge that Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) 

software is an expensive necessity. To assure you aren’t overspending or wasting cash on an ERP system, you need to look for a management and cost total solution (PACManager, for example). Regardless of the system you choose, the following are factors to consider when purchasing software that tracks your entire company and all its activities:

What software does the new ERP system replace?

The majority of businesses that have tracking and management software have several for different parts of their business. You need to determine if the new software will cover those areas, plus help you manage additional areas that are not being tracked. With one software tracking all the essential areas of your business, you can more easily and efficiently oversee finance, marketing, sales, operations, technology, and human resources.

How much time will the new ERP save?

Of course, implementing new software takes time in setup and training. However, when you consider all the time wasted without it, a new ERP is a long-term timesaver. It eliminates duplicate data entry by multiple team members. When you have real-time, accurate data easily accessible in one dashboard, meetings are shorter and more effective. For example, we have seen weekly sales meetings go from 3+ hours down to less than an hour because the data tells the story, and we’re not relying on guesswork. In the end, all that time savings reduces wasted time while increasing productivity.

How much will the new ERP really cost?

While we’ve reviewed how a new ERP system that tracks the essential areas of your business saves time, and thereby money, there are other ways to determine its value. Reducing employee inefficiency allows management to delegate additional work to handle more projects or work on growing the business. Software, such as PACManager, allows you to manage and track all business functions with one system, eliminating the cost of multiple software and additional user fees. The increase in productivity and customer satisfaction, plus fewer errors and missed deadlines, will more than make up for the initial cost of the new software.

Want to learn more about PACManager Process and Cost Management Software?

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